Apple CEO History, That An Apple Fan Must Know

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This article will tell you how crucial the Apple CEO History was towards an embracing state the Apple  company has achieved so far.

One of the factors caused to destine a unique future for the Apple company was the chief Executive officers the company had. Along with the executive decisions, all of them could guide the company towards a future that competitors could not fulfill.  From Michael Scott to Tim Cooper, the company had plenty of inspirations with different variations. Although there were CEO officers who wanted to fire employees, they have had specific concerns towards the future company has achieved at present. This content will explain everything that you should know about the Apple CEO History.  

Michael Scott

Michael Scott or Scotty is the first CEO of Apple company. He had been working in Apple company from 1977 to 1981 for 04 years. If you are a fan of Apple company, Michel Scott will be the first person to know as the Apple CEO instead of the fictional movie character. Scott is known as a person who wanted to reach the success after removing the employees in the Apple company. The famous Black Friday Employee Firing was one of his works.  

At that day he fired 40 employees from the company. If you are a fan, this story will be among the things to know among the Apple CEO History. But, before that, he had fired all of his typewriters from the Apple company.

After firing people in the company, he said, “I wanted this company to increase the efficiency. Although Apple used to be a revolutionary one in the past along with awesome computers, things have started to roll back. My effort is to set things back to as they used to be.” The 40 employees were fired in 1981 black Friday while he was attending to an evening event. However, in the same year, he had to sign out from CEO duties.

“It was not fun at all to be working in Apple company neither at the beginning of the end. It was fun to remove those employees from the company. I could have had more fun firing more people from the company if I could have stayed more. Now it is time to step down and I’ quit” That is how the end of Michel Scott happened as the First CEO of apple company.

Many people think of Mike Markkula is the first CEO of apple company which is not actually. Mike Markkula is known as the first investor who put $250,000 for Apple company. He was also responsible for recruiting Scotty and assigning the powers to make the company a better one than it was. Although he had a brilliant mind, the Autocratic he had in his mind put lots of things wasted. At later stages, Steve Jobs had stated that Scotty could not do as he was expecting.

Mike Markkula

The person who literally donated $250,000 and brought Scotty was Mike Markkula. He got the opportunity to provide the contribution in any sector due to his financial commitments. Mike is also known as the third employee of the Apple company as well. The strength and the necessity he had for developing the company made him to accept the post of CEO. 

Since the first CEO, Michael Scott had to leave the company due to his own reasons, Mike had to step forward in this occasion. Also, Mike was the person who had brought Scott into the Apple company which put an extra weight on Mike to accept the post. Steve Job had developed a friendship with the Second CEO, Mike Markkula, which was a relief to other employees of the company.

Mike Markkula was in the company when the Apple company used to produce their first two computers as well. That reason made Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs closer companions to Mike other than anyone. Once Wozniak had stated, “Mike was the inspiration we need. He did not put extra pressure on us in any of the occasions. Although he did invest on the Apple product, what he did invest the trust. Although we could provide with bonuses, we would not have become who we are in he was not with us”.

However, there was a dispute between Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple company and Mike Markkula. The main reason for that was mike giving his support to Sculley later years. This not just made a dispute but Mike got fired from Apple company later by Steve Jobs.  This made a bad influence on Mike, and later he had stated that he would have become the CEO and remained for more than ten years if Steve Jobs didn’t fire him due to that incident.

  • How much money did Mike Markkula make from Apple investments?
  • It is said that Mike Markkula had invested $250000 in the Apple company. According to sources, he has been able to make money out of it more than 5 times of it which means, Mike has earned about one million within a short period. When it comes to the present date, Mike Markkula’s net worth is about one billion USD.  However, all of it has not come from Apple investment, but Intel company investments, consultation, CEO post and more sources.
  • Who is Mike Markkula except the Apple work?
  • Mike Markkula was an American Business, Investor and Electrical engineer. He has some of his signature work related to American company Intel as well.
  • What did mike Markkula do for Apple?
  • There are two main things that have been done by Mike Markkula, introducing Scott as the first CEO and investing $250000 in the Apple company. Other than that, Mike developed the business plan and gave advice to the company to mitigate the opponents in the same time.

According to most of the Apple specialists, it was mike Markkula who favored the business face of the Apple company. He not only gave instructions to Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak to think of the marketing strategies but introduced business professionals who could become more useful for the Apple company.

John Sculley

John Sculley was appointed as the third CEO of the Apple company. Also, he was special as he could stay as the CEO for more than 10 years as the CEO. Not only that, he is being respected as the man who keep things steady for the company.  John had been working as the CEO for PepsiCo for a long time, and his dedication was outstanding for the Pepsi company. 

After being recruited by the Apple company, he was handed over the marketing strategy as well as the necessary powers to have a proper marketing strategy. The most important thing regarding his appointment was to ensure the product selling in a regular manner. The management of the Apple company had realizes that the product lien of the Apple was not a stable one. Although a product could reach millions, there was a possibility to make the next one a failed one.

The best thing about Steve Jobs and Scully’s struggle as they had a good start. According to the closest people, it was Steve Jobs who invited John Sculley. One day both had been looking out of the Balcony and Steve Jobs had asked, Scully, “Are you going to sell sugar water for the rest of life or going to succeed with a proper company?”. It had been the turning point of Sculley and he joined Apple company after that. Thing didn’t keep flowing well after a short time, and it was the time when Steve decide to send Sculley out of the management. According to John Sculley, Steve had never forgiven him.

When minding the Apple CEO History, John Sculley was a crucial man who did lots of changes to the company. Not only the changes, but  the success started draining into the company after trying few Apple products under the previous CEO of the company.  

The ruling time of Sculley was a special one as it was the same time period when Steve Jobs started struggling with the management, specially the new CEO. As the first thing Steve tried to pull Sculley out of the company which didn’t happen as planned. The support of the previous CEO, Mike Markkula was on the Sculley’s side which made things worse for Steve. Things started to stabilize and Steve Job was the person to get thrown out if the Apple company in the end.

  • What did Sculley do for Apple company?
  • Among the things did by John Scully, the financial advancement of the company was crucial. He had been able to bring the sales of the company from $800 to $8 billion within 10 years. During the same period, Apple and Macintosh computers became a world-known brand and increased the number of sales amazingly.
  • Why did Sculley step down as the CEO?
  • The main reason to step down as the CEO for Scully was the collapse of Apple shares. The value had decreased from 44.73 to 72 cents within a short time. The board of directors wanted him to resign, and Sculley stepped down as the CEO after a commitment of 10 years.
  • Why did Steve Jobs and John Sculley clash?
  • The reason for the clash was the policy of the John Sculley. It is said that Sculley was a man of interest for formal things. For example, educational qualifications was one of the key contests Sculley had when appointing employees for different tasks. This was not one of Steve Jobs interests as he was also one of the employees who didn’t have more qualifications.
  • Why did Steve Jobs have to get out of the company?
  • From the very beginning, Sculley had run out of the faith on Steve Job’s expensive projects. Not only Sculley, but the board of directors wanted to control Steve Jobs over his expensive and secret projects. Steve Jobs himself had realized that Scully was up to that.

The key reason to step out of the company for Steve Job was to have an failed coup. Although Steve Jobs tried to set things back well to send Sculley out of The Apple Company, he didn’t get enough power as Mike, one of his closest didn’t support him.

Michael Splinder

Michael Splinder was the next CEO to come into the Apple company.  Among all the CEOs that Apple company had, Splinter is believed to have had the best strategic mind as well. According to the Apple CEO History, Splinter did some irreversible changes to the company. The 2500 employee cut was  one of his remarkable work. Slider was appointed in a time when there was a financial collapse in the company that caused the share value dropped from 44.73 to cents within a short time. As a friend of Sculley, Michael Splinder came into the act. That was a crucial step as the percentage of the cut don jobs was more than 15% of the total employees. 

Although it was a debatable decision, the restricting process took place immediately after that. It could bring results to the company along with the latest marketing statistics introduced meanwhile.

Michael Splinter is known as a leader who had the Democratic leadership style under his commands. He is famous for sharing his ideas as well as collecting others’ ideas for the progress of the company.  The best example of his democratic leadership style was bringing IBM, Motorola and Apple companies together to achieve some common goals. PowerPC one of the succeeded concepts of Splinter which could bring more income to the company. 

As a product created incorporation with Apple, IBM and Motorola, PowerPC was supposed to be working as a Reduced Instruction set computer. Also, Newton and zcopland projects could not proceed until the success mark. When coming to the most remarkable work of Splinter, Macintosh Clone was a unique product. At a time Apple company had not even thought of a different version of Macintosh OS on a  computer, Splinter not only thought but implemented necessary things. Since the capital was not enough in the company, Splinder had to just forget it.

Although he was nicknamed as Diesel by his colleagues, his sensitivity was more than enough. According to the Apple CEO History facts, Splinter had used t hide under his table in case of panic attacks. The death of Splinter happened recently, in 2017 due to an illness. His friends had quoted “Splinter was a sensitive man. Although he was one of Apple company’s CEOs, his true nature like on a simple living. Also, he was a great person along with his management and thinking skills”.  

  • How much salary did Michael Splinter get from Apple during the time he worked?
  • It is said that Apple Company had paid $1 million USD for Apple CEO Michael Splinder during his period. Also his net worth was about $8 USD when he died.
  • Who brought Michael Splinder into Apple?
  • Michael Splinter was brought into Apple by John Sculley, A previous CEO of the company. After his rejection, Sculley stepped down and brought Splinter as the new CEO.
  • How longer did Michael work as Apple CEO?
  • Michael Splinder worked in Apple from October 1993 to February 1996, for about 2 and half years.
  • Why did Michael Splinter have to step down as Apple CEO?
  • Michael tried to come into agreements with Philips, Sun Microsystems, and IBM companies which didn’t work as he thought. He was urged to resign by the Board of Directors due to that.

Gilbert Frank Amelio

When discovering the Apple CEO History, Gilbert Frank Amelia is considered as the CEO who had the shortest service as a CEO from the company’s beginning. Gilbert worked in Apple company less than 2 years. When coming to the that days, Gil had worked exactly 500 days in the Apple company. Before working in Apple company, Gilbert had worked in Belllabs, Fairchild Semiconductor, and Rockwell international as well.  

Apple company had had plenty of plans for the post of CEO. It is said that Gilbert had been given a wage of $990,000 and a $5 million loan for his personal tasks. The private jet of Gils’ was another payment made by Apple company. Although the jet had belonged to Gilbert, it is said that he had got a payment of $100,000 for using it.

According to not only Gil but previous CEOs, the company was going towards a loss for more than a decade. Although there were successful projects launched by previous CEO, the consistency was not available at all.  The end result was having a financial problem throughout the year.  

The shortage of money was answered as producing products expected by the customers. Although Apple company was famous for introducing Astonishing products, it was Gilbert’s idea to introduce products accepted by people. Not only the money shortage or lack of liquidity, but the low quality of products, lack of quality in operating systems, and lack of enough employees were some of more problems he had to face. 

Cutting down the costs was the answer Amelio found for the financial problems. Although other CEOs reduced the costs by removing employees Giil’s idea was to cut down the costs that had to be expended for astonishments. It means, he wanted to stop unnecessary or ornamental products tried to introduce by Apple. A specialist said, “Apple was trying to introduce lots of surprising products for the customers. Among them, there could have been Apple iPhone as well. What Gil did to the Apple company was just giving a typical answer. If he didn’t take such short answers, not only people could have enjoyed Apple iPhone as early as the end of 1990s but Apple could have become the most successful company”.  

The Corporate culture was one of the most crucial answers Gil had to find out himself. When coming to the Apple during his period, he wanted to change the old corporate culture and apply a new culture to the Apple Corporate. Gilbert tried giving trainings and special events to change the attitude of the employees at the same time. Although a progress was shown, that was not the answer. 

At the end of his service time, he wanted to reduce the workforce of Apple company which he tried by reducing one third of employees of the company. According to reliable sources, the loss of capital after the arrival of Gilbert was about $1 billion.  However, Gilbert didn’t have any idea how long he had dragged the Apple Ship on the beach without purpose. Once he had said once, “I could not have done more. All I did was to showing the direction to a ship to go on the right path. But, there had been a hole in the bottom of the ship while I was trying”.

  • What happened to Gil Amelio after leaving the Apple company?
  • Gilbert was a successful man after leaving the Apple company, although the company was not in good shape. It is said that he had received a payment of seven-figure figures and bought 132,960 shares from AAPL. According to the Apple CEO History, Gil established Acquicor Technology with Apple Co-Founder Wozniak. 
  • Was Gil Amelio discredited by its employees?
  • Yes. He is considered as the worst Apple CEO as he fired one third of workers after he became the CEO.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs as Apple CEO

When Steve jobs took the Apple company as CEO, he had happened to face several rivals in the field. Indeed, the number of competitors had increased, and he had lost what he had saved in case of an emergency. Microsoft was the opponent that Steve Jobs had to face when the time he took the responsibilities as CEO. The decision to take $150 million from Microsoft was criticized by the board of directors stating that it was another fall for the Apple company.

“We are going to need every help we can get. Although it is an investment or any other thing, we should take it. Although we are in a position to get help, we will be able to stand on our own for ourselves” that is how Steve jobs justified his decision. Things started to change within a couple of months, and Apple company started to stand like it was back in the early 1980s. One of the best thing done by Steve Jobs was hiring Tim Cook, the current CEO of the company. Also, he was appointed as the Chief Operating Officer. One of the criticisms made by the previous CEO was the adverse office Culture. Steve jobs brought some restrictions to the office environment, such as barring pets in the office space and restricting calls in the office time. When it comes to other good thing he did, he wanted everyone to have good food and improved the quality of the food that delivered at the cafeteria.

Apple was about to have a good time in the future. Steve jobs long term expectation, iMac was introduced to customers in 1998, which had more than 800,000 worldwide sales within just 06 months. Also, the “I” was introduced for the branding as its long term meaning “internet”. From iMac to iNote, iPhone, and lots of products were introduced for the customers, and the branding commenced with the approach of Jobs.

  • Was Steve Jobs better as a CEO than just an employee?
  • Yes. When he took the company as the CEO, it was neither in good shape nor having profits. It was Steve Jobs who did changes and took everything back into normal. Not only that, he brought the iPhone later into the market which made the company an iconic one. According to Apple CEO History, the company has earned more than $100 Billion in 2011 when he stepped down as the CEO of Apple company.
  • What was the leadership style of Steve Jobs?
  • Steve Jobs was an autocrat leader who took decisions himself without involving others. According to the specialists, Steve Jobs had a great mind that can remember every tiny detail and analyze them for the best of the company. Along with his brilliance in inventive mind and his creativity, he became the best CEO in the world.
  • How longer did Steve Jobs hold The CEO post in Apple Company?
  • He held the CEO post of Apple company from 1997 to 2011 for more than 14 years.
  • Why did Steve Jobs have to leave the CEO post of Apple company?
  • Due to his illnesses, Steve jobs had to step down from the post of CEO of Apple company.
  • How rich could Steve Jobs would have been if he was alive?
  • Steve could have been the owner of Disney and getting the dividends payments of $402 per year due to his leadership and earlier commitments. If Steve Jobs was alive today, he could have been the owner of $50 billion at present.  Although he would not have become the richest man alive, he will be among the top 290 for sure. Besides, this doesn’t include his expectations which means, he could have done more surprising work and earned more than this.

Tim Cook

Tim Cook was not just a person who himself came into apple and became who he is now. He was not just recruited by Steve Jobs but trained him for becoming the successor of Steve Jobs. Tim Cook is indeed a classical person who does things as it has been planned to do. But, his managerial skills, thinking ability and decision making has made him the best one in the world at present. Tim Cook has been the CEO of Apple since Steve Jobs stepped down as the CEO. Although innovation has been a lack in his management, he has been able to make lots of changes in the company to make a difference.

“What Tim does to keep things steady is keep questioning. He has an amazing ability to identify the potential of each employee. Although the employees don’t have an understanding of how they can be useful to the company, Tim Knows” That is how an employees is thinking of Tim Cook.  When it comes to another, “Tim Cook is a great personality. Although you think of slipping out of his grip, it is not an easy thing to do. According to me, he can remember every tiny detail of everything. What makes him a unique person is his leadership style. He is a democratic ruler”.

Tim Cook has not only been showing the right path but delivering the future steps of Apple products. Tim is a popular person for not changing other or excessive decisions but keeping things as they are. Although Apple iPhone had already been delivered by Steve Jobs, there were lots of things to do. New editions, versions, and more things were included by this great man, Tim Cook. 

Also, his work for developing accessories was crucial. Airpods, Apple unrevealed products as well as the secret projects such as Apple Car, Apple AR and VR are supposed to be the next big things. The management of the company is always a challenging thing. Tim Cook has never let the company down. According to the Apple CEO History, Tim Cook is a particular man who could develop the company unlike anyone. The company has been taken up to a position where $337 Billion has been saved. Although the entire dedication is not what Tim Cook has given, a major part of it belongs to him as a sure thing.

  • What is the leadership style of Tim Cook?
  • Tim Cook is known as a democratic leader who shares as well as get the opinion of everyone when making decisions. He has not been a leader that Steve Jobs or other CEOs had become.
  • How much does Tim Cook get as salary from Apple company?
  • The approximate salary Tim gets from Apple company is $14.8 at the end of 2020. However, this is not the exact income of Tim as he is conducting consultation, and doing investments in other majors.
  • How old is Tim Cook?
  • Tim Cook was born in 1960, and he is now 60 years old.
  • When did Tim Cook Join Apple company?
  • 1998 was the year when Tim Cook joined Apple.  Apple considered Tim Cook to be a long term investment as Steve Job’s intention was to take him in and teach things.
  • What is the political background of Tim Cook?
  • Unlike any of the Apple CEOs, Tim Cook has taken part in the political appearances. In 2008 he publicly donated Barack Obama’s election campaign.  Other than that, he is believed to be a man who supports LGBT rights as well. However, he announced that he is going to keep his personal life off the radar of NEWS and media. 

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