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2023 iPhone Updates You Must Be Waiting

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Apple company is always the one to come up with new updates whenever they are controversial. We have got 2023 iPhone updates that you can be surprised as features, hardware changes, or anything new. 

Apple is testing iPhone with a USB c port

Are you an apple user? Are you bored with the existing lightning ports? Lightning ports are prolonged devices. Therefore apple iPhone users have happened to face several difficulties. Apple iPhone has great news regarding lightning ports. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, a USB -C port is acquainted by apple.

USB – C ports are used for the apple iPad already. But they are not introduced to the apple iPhone yet. Therefore users are worrying about it. iPhone 15 will switch from lightning to USB -C port in 2023. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated the potential of swapping to USB.

In Europe, they need to acquire legal requirements such as having a USB C port as the charging port. The European Union was planning to produce legal requirements. If approved, all devices sold in Europe should have a USB – a C port. Therefore apple I phone must ship a particular USB-C iPhone model.

USB – C ports have faster-charging speed and quicker data transfer facility. At present, Mac and iPad have USB -C port facilities. Apple iPhone users who have lightning ports will get an adaptor for that.

If you are bored with lightning ports, you will have relief from 2023 onwards.

Apple Expects To Replace The Notch

When you are using an apple iPhone, you have to use a display along with a notch. Most of the time, it is a trouble for uses. Not having higher space for production, reducing Screen to Body ratio, dust patches, and others can be your reasons for that. Therefore apple expects to replace the notch in 2023 iPhone updates along with a pill hole and a punch hole design. According to the industry consultant Ross Young, all four iPhone 15 models will plan to replace this notch.

iPhone 13 pro and iPhone 14 pro have a notch on the background. Both iPhone 15 pro models have a roadmap that indicates the pill and hole layout. It will have a pill hole for the face id sensor and a punch hole for your selfies. Are you bothering with the traditional notch for face unlocking option? You can win it with the pill-hole layout in 2023.

According to the belief of Young, apple’s end goal is to move the face id sensor and the front camera completely under the display. If the development is a success, iPhone 16 pro model will start the transition of the under-display face id sensor. iPhone 18 pro will have under screen face id and front camera in 2026.

Track To Start 3nm Chip Production

Chip is the heart of the phone. The chipping effect for efficiency of phone, life-saving of battery, and speed of the phone. At present, 5nm chips are used for iPad. TSMC is producing a new product called 3nm chips. TSMC said 3nm technology could increase processing performance to 10%-15% more than 5nm. Also, 3nm chips reduce power consumption by  25%-30%.

Some M3 chips have four dies. It has a potentially up to a 40 – core CPU. Apple’s M1 chip has 8- core CPU, AND M1 max chips have a 10-core CPU. According to the TSMC, they will try to produce 2nm chips in the future.

iPhone 15 Pro Is Rumored To Feature An Under-Screen Face Id System From Samsung

Apple and Samsung have a competition for their technologies. Samsung display is trying to produce an under-panel camera. Also, apple is trying to hide face ID under the collection. Both are trying to make the best products for customers.

The face ID sensor, which is invisible to the naked eye, is produced by Samsung technology. It is similar to galaxy z fold 3 . But its pixel density is lower. Therefore its camera is built with low-quality photos. Samsung is testing the effectiveness or secure of under-display face ID. Samsung is collaborating with Canada’s OTI Lumionics to develop this technology. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that display face ID will be used for one of a model of an apple in 2023. However, Samsung and apple try to produce quality products for the world. Most people observe the camera, display, and notch. Therefore It is good news for all customers in the world.

Recapping Rumors About Under-Screen Face ID And Touch ID On Future iPhone

According to the industry consultant, Ross Young’s iPhone 14 pro model will replace the notch for both hole punch and pill-shaped cutouts. If it is accurate, place ID is ruled out under the display.

According to the latest rumor, iPhone will be a recap of face ID and touch ID. Young Claimed said that iPhone will not use an infrared camera as a face Id until at least 2023 or 2024. Face ID will not display until the iPhone pro 15 next year.

According to Kuo’s research note, in 2021, apple will produce a new phone with a screen fingerprint scanner in the second half of 2023.

The Latest iPad Air And IPad Mini Feature A Touch Id Power Button. But Iphone Has Not This Feature Yet

Kuo predicted that Apple would produce an iPhone with 5.5 inch – 6.1-inch display in 1st half of 2021. But Apple has not released this yet. According to the rumors, iPhone will plan to release the touch ID button in 2024.  

Face ID Under The Display Returns To Being An iPhone 15 Pro Rumor

According to the latest rumor, face ID is not under the display for iPhone pro 14. Industry consultant Ross Yung said that hole punch and pill-shaped cut out is on top of the production of iPhone 14 pro. According to Young, the hole will be a face ID dot projector, and the pill shape cutout will supposedly be a front camera and infrared camera for face ID. After that, Young believes the infrared camera will not be moved under display in 2023 or 2024. Thereforeiphone, 15 pro or iPhone 16 pro do not have to face ID under the collection.

Most of the time, accurate analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that face ID would not move under the display. Two-hole design for iPhone 14 pro would not provide a complete view for you. If Young and Kuo prove it, we will see an all-screen plan for next year.

iPhone 15 Pro is expected to feature a periscope lens up to 10x optical zoom.

All apple customers in the world like to find rumors regarding iPhones, but they can’t believe all words. iPhone 15 Pro is expected to feature a periscope lens with up to 10 x optical zoom.

According to the analyst 

Jeff  Pu, iPhone 15b pro will feature a periscope camera system in 2023. It can be increased optical zoom. The iPhone with periscope system, which has the best advantage of reflecting light entering the camera’s image sensor. Therefore it can be zoom without blurrinessTherefore they hope accurate rumors find for learning about iPhone.

Rumors were circulating about which periscope lens was received for iPhone in 2020. Ming-Chi Kuo said about it first. According to Kuo, the periscope lens is a new feature for iPhone 14 pro. But it is not yet. All apple customers hopes for iPhone 15 pro, which periscope lens for iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and Huawei p40 pro + have an android smartphone with a periscope lens now. Both of these devices have periscope lenses, and they can be zoomed. iPhone 13 pro model has 3x optical zoom, and iPhone 15 pro model will come periscope lens device. It may be good news for all apple customers.

Sketchy Rumor Claims iPhone 15 Pro Won’t Have A Physical Card Slot.

Do you worry about your sim card? The Sim card has only one number for the phone. If you want several numbers for your business or any other work, you must use several phones. But it is hard work. Sometimes sim card can be damaged. Sometimes can be missing a sim card, and someone can steal the contacts. All these troubles have answers. E sim is the answer to all your questions. E sim is an embedded device of smartphones.

Recent iPhone models have a nano sim and digital in. But iPhone 15 pro model will have dual e-sim cards. If you are using e sim, you can have more than one phone number. E sim is an embedded device. Therefore, it is not damaged and not missing.

According to the sketchy rumor, there has no sim card in iPhone 15 pro models. If this rumor is accurate, iPhone 15 pro has e sim. But it might still have a physical sim card for some countries where esim facilities are unavailable.

The removal of the sim card is easy to improve the water-resistance of the iPhone. Apple is trying to remove the lightning connector. It helps produce a portless iPhone, and it may be a cause for improving water resistance.

TSMC is expected to begin 3nm chip production in late 2022, ahead of the first M3 Macs

Do you know about 3nm chips? TSMC is expected to produce 3nm chips. The 3nm process has many benefits. It has a faster speed and more battery life-saving. 3nm provides multiple benefits for apple, which can be improved 15% rate and reduction of power consumption by about 30%. TSMC is started commercial production of 3nm chips.

Nowadays, iPhones are using M3 chips. M3 chips have four dies, and it wants 40 -a core CPU. M1 chips have an eight-core CPU, and M1 Pro and M1 max chips have ten-core CPUs. In the future, apple will produce iPhones with 3nm chips. It is valuable news for all apple customers.

iPhone 14 Pro to feature a 48-megapixel camera periscope lens coming 2023

Most customers search for the best iPhone with a clear camera. When we take a photograph, we hope to take a clear picture. Therefore all customers are alert about the number of megapixels in the camera.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 14 pro was planned to add a 48-megapixel camera and periscope lens. The 48-megapixel camera was limited to iPhone 14 pro. It was allowed for recording videos from 4K to 8K. This high-resolution video should be a suitable view using an apple AR/VR headset.

According to Kuo, the iphone14 pro model supported 48 -12 megapixel camera output. This process is known as pixel binning. This pixel binning process uses on some android intelligent phones like Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The iPhone 14 pro model shoots 48-megapixel photos in bright conditions and 12-megapixel photos in low light conditions with preserving quality.

iPhone 15 pro model has added a periscope lens in 2023. The periscope lens increased optical zoom. Huawei P40 pro+ has 10x optical zoom. iPhone 13 pro models are limited to 3x optical zoom.

Apple shuffles suppliers for periscope telephoto lens in 2023 in iPhone

Do you know about the foldable phone? It is popular among the people. A foldable phone has many valuable features. It has a large screen, entertainment, flexibility, and taking easy photographs. Therefore people most like this foldable phone. As a phone user, do you know that apple has not a foldable phone yet? Apple users were kept hops regarding the flexible feature of the phone in 2017. But apple could not achieve this feature. But LG company produced foldable phone firstly.

According to the rumors, apple company is planning to produce a foldable iPhone. Apple company was run away the Samsung for a supplement of components. It was said by a Korean website called Elec. Samsung’s jaw electronic was combined with apple for optical image stabilization of the camera. But it may be a problem for a patent. Therefore apple is taken action against it or paid money for it. Sometimes apple produces the iPhone in2023 with these features.

However, Apple produces the iPhone model with the best quality camera using folded camera optics. The iPhone can take quality photographs. It is the best news for apple users worldwide.

Conclusion 2023 iPhone updates

We have brought some astonishing news as 2023 iPhone updates. The updates we have brought have been verified by Apple Company and you will see them in the next year as confirmed facts. However, there will be improvements and neglections conducted by the apple company as well. You will have to wait until the end of next year. 

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