Apple iOS13 Wishlist, What We Want To See

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Since most Apple lovers are hopeful about the release day of Apple 13 to fall in September 2021, several opinions have been suggested the iOS13.  Users are being specific about the screen time, grouped notifications, improved maps, dark mode adjustments, and specific hardware accelerations. Most Apple users state that the Apple hardware accessories such as Cameras, sensors, and display are capable of fulfilling amazing things which Apple has not focused on yet enough. Here are some specific things that Apple fans would love seeing on Apple’s latest product, Apple iOS.

Minimum Requirements To Be Maintained

One of the most honored things of the Apple Company is their respect towards the older devices. Even if you are keeping an Apple i5 or i5 device, yet you are capable of using iOS13 on your phone. Since the Operating System is efficient in running, you will not be able to experience heavy lagging. But, the phone users complain stating that this policy keeps them away from having a stunning experience with the latest iOS. Users suggest keeping a minimum system requirement to update the latest iOS version. For example, if the minimum RAM requirement is set to 2GB that will make a margin for the users. Also, that will be progressive when adding upgrades to the iOS13 parallel to the hardware accessories.

Dark Mode For Ios13

Do you know how many benefits are entitled to having Dark Mode? Apple has the idea that Dark mode can keep you focused on a task unlike Google’s idea to keep the battery consumption high. Also, some health specialists have stated that the dark mode can relieve eye strain as well.  If you have any difficulty with vision, dark mode will be able to save you from that. One of the Apple iOS13 wishlist factors states that Dark mode has to be in the latest version considering all these factors.

Since Dark mode was included in macOS Mojave, most third-party app developers have introduced dark mode in their apps. Since some of the sources have reported that Apple Company is working on adding the necessary changes to the UIkit, users have shown much attention towards the dark mode.  However, it will be a matter of time as the gap between the macOS and iOS is quite huge.

OLED Displays For Notifications

Since OLED displays only consume the power for the turned-on pixels, the power consumption will not be a big thing. Apple has got three displays with an always-on feature in the family. Therefore, the user will be able to see the time, notifications, and essential details using the OLED display.  Since that is from a bit of history, that will be an elegant step to be taken.

AI Camera With Smarter Features

There is nothing wrong with the camera indeed. Apple Company has always used its best with the camera. The portrait quality is nothing to complain about. When it comes to the software and the coordination, we can assume that they haven’t done a lot of things in recent times regarding the camera. For example, the interface that lets you have with the phone is not an innovative one for a long time. Since the best processor we can see along with the Apple iOS13, users will need something new with an AI.

As you might know that most smartphone manufacturing companies have introduced AI cameras for their devices.  Face recognition, increased camera, identifying depths, identifying objects and there are plenty of things an AI-powered camera does. Therefore, the Apple iOS13 wishlist contains an AI powered smarter camera for the latest version.   

Youtube 4K Video Support

Since Apple XS max and iPad devices exclusively have Google’s royalty-free VP9 codec, they can play YouTube videos in 1920×1080 resolution. But, other Apple devices don’t have this feature. Apple Company neither allows the users to get the support of Google’s royalty-free VP9 codec as it is against their policies. Even Apple Safari doesn’t contain the 4K video playback feature to facilitate 4K video playback. Also, the company not allowing third-party browsers to play Youtube 4K videos has been a catastrophe for iOS users. Whatever the policies Apple has regarding the competitors, the users’ Apple iOS13 wishlist contains the request to enable 4K videos on YouTube.

New Home Screen

The home screen has not been a new thing since the iPhone 7. Therefore iPhone users think of a new home screen to make some new things. Since the display is bigger, higher aspect ratio, and the notch, Apple Company has the full freedom to introduce a new home screen with plenty of features. When it comes to grids of icons, Apple iOS13 wishlist suggestions expect nothing to be changed. But, the look of the icons can be made better with the new Android version. Also, the designer can introduce a couple of modes for icons in dark mode and standard mode.

Apple iOS13 wishlist has got more suggestions regarding the home screen with Siri. They suggest conserving a small space near the notch to inform you of some special notification. For example, it will be used to notify the user about traffic, weather changes, and similar stuff.

Restrictions To Be Removed From Pa So It Can Be A Computer Too

Apple lovers must be looking for a way to add iPad into Apple iOS13 wishlist with some restriction removing suggestions. As you know already, the users can’t get to the file manager with full view. At present, you will not be able to see the external drive in full detail.  Similar to the typical file manager, users are implied that they are either on a tab or a smart device.

Also, internet browsing is a thing the iPad needs renovations. You will not be able to see most of the websites in desktop mode since the OS doesn’t support it. Since Apple iPad has got so many hardware accelerators, these are simple things to do. Unless Apple leaves this matter as it is, it will be just a marketing strategy to promote its MAC products.

Notification Syncing

Apple devices have indeed got the best synchronization with each other. When it comes to small buggy like things, notification syncing is one of such things that requires the developers’ attention. In case you miss a notification sent to your iPhone, that notification should be sent to the next device you pick up. Since there are so many sensors to detect your presence that will not be a hard thing either.

Siri To Be Smarter

As the Apple iOS13 wishlist suggestions, Siri needs to be smarter than iOS12. For example, Siri’s involvement regarding third-party actions stays behind when compared to Google Assistant and Alexa on Amazon. Users state that they need something smarter than adding a shortcut to open an app as it is the best thing that Siri could perform in the previous update.  Along with that entertainment, jokes, games, and many things should be available in Siri as other Assistants do that already?

If you ask Siri a question that Siri Doesn’t know, the way Siri behaves is not smart at all. What Siri could show is just a result sheet extracted directly from the internet. For example, if asked, what is the status of Arizona? Siri will just let you have a bunch of search results. Even though Google Assistant like apps is backed by search engines, the developers need to arrange the search results appropriately.  Although Siri was responsive and speedier than other Virtual Assistants, Siri can do better according to the Apple iOS13 wishlists of millions of users.

Volume Popup Is Still A Big Thing

When you are going to increase the volume while using an app, the volume pop up bar is appearing.  Although Apple has not taken this much into their attention, this is still a thing they have to fix. If this pop-up up a few times a day, you will have to waste at least a minute from your daily schedule. There are hundreds of positive things Apple has done regarding the impressive user interface, but, this volume pop-up reminds old technology for sure. Therefore fixing the volume pop-up bar is among Apple iOS13 wishlist.

What We Will See

According to the Apple iOS13 wishlist that we have suggested, we believe that most of the common suggestions are among this 10-factor list. Even if you do have, we cannot assume that Apple Company will take all of them into their attention. As an Apple user or lover, you must dream big like most of us do. Even if it is a bigger surprise, that will be a possible thing. Because it is Apple company that we are talking about. What we know for sure is that millions of Apple lovers are waiting until the next iOS is launched.  Then only you will see if the Apple iOS13 has come true.

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