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iPhone 13 problems that may suggest you a replacement with iPhone 14

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Apple iPhone is almost in the market. The following 05 iPhone 13 problems will urge you to go for the latest iPhone.

Everything has been set to introduce the iPhone 14. If you are an IPhone user, you must be using Apple IPhone 13, the last iPhone version to have released. Although you can enjoy y the latest features of Apple iOS 16 with your iPhone 13, you must be willing to enjoy the required hardware acceleration of the Apple iPhone 14 which we still don’t know much. According to most of the Apple users the iPhone 13 was not the best iPhone they had enjoyed. Read these iPhone 13 problems and make up your mind for the latest iPhone.

Increased Heat

The eating has never been the Apple iPhone’s thin for the times we have known. But, when it comes to heating, one of the iPhone 13 problems, you may experience it. According to Apple iPhone 13 users, the device may produce heat while the user is using GPS or conducting an installation. Although there are some solutions such as restarting, battery replacement, and putting the IPhone 13 into airplane mode, they are not permanent.

The Bluetooth Issues

Several Apple user shave complained regarding their Bluetooth problems. Since it is essential to have Bluetooth to connect with other devices, you can’t leave room for these. Although there are solutions such as resetting the other devices, restarting Bluetooth, and hardware replacement, the error has continued to flow due to the software and hardware miss-integration.

Accelerated Battery draining

As an Apple user, you know how hard the thing with the battery life? Although you got answers for your battery draining issue, most of Apple users are still struggling with that. The 5G and the LTE calling have not been the only reason why you are experiencing but the integration of the hardware and software. As some user have explained their problem, they cannot keep their phones up to 08 hours at least although they have turned off WiFi, Bluetooth, and data. As one of the iPhone 13 problems, this is a most prominent matter you need to find an answer.

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Issues with the Wireless charging

The wireless charging was one of the key features of the Apple iPhone 13. The same thing has become an issue for the users as they have happened to face several charging issues related to wireless charging. The resetting of the deices is the usual way to fix this problem. But, according to reviews about the matter, the problem will come again. Also, the time consumption has been an issue for the users.

Calling or texting issues

According to Mark Gunman, there is a huge problem that can make trouble with calling and texting. As he states, it is a problem he experienced and more than 35% of the users must have experienced the issue at least. He has said, “There is a very nasty iPhone and @TMobilebug where iMessage and Facetime for a device’s phone number will randomly deactivate and there is no way to reactivate it. The only solution that worked for me is getting a new physical SIM card. An extremely disappointing issue”. If you have to replace your iPhone’s zim card without a proper reason, then it is something that urges you to replace your iPhone.

Conclusion: iPhone 13 problems that may suggest you a replacement with iPhone 14

This article has explained 05 iPhone 13 problems that can produce an unpleasant experience with the iPhone. Most of them are common, and more than half of the iPhone 13 users have experienced one of them at least once. Other than going for temporary solutions, the best thing is to go for the upcoming Apple iPhone 14. That will be a good idea as well as an experience as the iOS 16 will be new too.

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