Siri Vs Google Assistant

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You must have chosen either Siri or Google assistant for your daily tasks as they are two of the most effective virtual assistants. Although the world is moving bit faster than in8 the past, one of the best ways to get adapted to the busy times is one of these two. Also, there is a kind of people who refer both Siri and Google assistant instead of the ,mentioned two types. However, you must be willing to know who is the best among these two virtual assistants a swell. This article will bring a detailed explanation on Siri Vs Google Assistant.

SiriGoogle Assistant
OriginSiri is an exclusive production from apple company which was introduced for Apple devices from the very beginning. It has now been made available for other Apple products as well. Google Assistant is a modified version of the Google search engine. It was intruded for Apple search engine and now available for Android devices and home devices that are produced with the intention of integration. 
ExpansionSiri can only be used for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch and Apple ‘s ecosystem. As it sounds, the Apple Siri is a limited product for apple devices. Google assistant is being used by more than 1000 home integration systems and 100 different brands that manufacture smart devices. Among the hundreds of Smartphone brands, almost hundreds of them are referring to Apple Siri as first priority. 
SericeThe service provided by the Siri is an operational one. Although Siri can find things from the internet, its main focus is to facilitate the services that are available on the Apple devices itself. For example, it can find settings in an instant which Google Assistant may not be capable of performing. Google assistant has been designed to find things from the internet and convert them to the information so the user can find it more impressive.  Since the internet is the main source and the strength for Google, the output is exceptional. 
SongsSiri doesn’t have the access to most of the Music services that are granted as the streaming services. Only Apple Play Music is the streaming service it has got. Google Music is the allowed Music service from the very beginning. When it comes to other services such as beezers and Spotify, they can be purchased by the user. 
SpeedThe speed of assisting with the needs is moderate. 76% of the Apple users complain about the speed. As one of the fastest search Engine holding companies, Google has provided the same speed to Google assistant. 
AccuracyWhat Apple brings is a result sheet when it comes to the searching in the internet.  Along with some failure sin the algorhythms of Siri, there can be miscalculations a swell. It is said that Google assistant is one of the virtual assistants that has a highest accuracy. 
SecurityApple Siri is as famous as iOS and similar software products from Apple company due to facilitating a closed as well as a secured service to the customers. When considering eth Siri Vs Google Assistant, the security as a factor, Google is not the best. Since the advertisements are complained by the customers, Google Assistant is not trusted by most of the users as they believe Google assistant may cause privacy issues. 
FutureApple Siri has already come a long way. What it has to develop in the future is the user friendliness. Along with more products form Google company, the integration and the friendliness of the as it is expected to be improved. 


One of the specific thing about the virtual assistants. Although you simply forget simple things, they get to stay impressed by you due to the affectivity on the integration. For example, your favorite television channel can be rendered by the virtual assistants for your ease. When you switch on the television, you get the ability to see your favorite channel without using the remote. Although such things are being designed, some specific features are available for the virtual assistants already. 

When having a look at the Google company, the Google Assistant gets the same responsibility, interacting with the lives of people. Along with the latest accessories such as Google phones, smart watches, home television, and various products Google assistant has the ability to make things easy. Although Apple was the company that had the integration in favor in Siri Vs Google Assistant, Google has been able to do amazing things to present. All you have to do is to refer to the Google Home app and the integration will come to your hands in an instant. Although apple was what had introduced this into their customers, Google has got more devices. But, it shod; be remembered that the Integration is not the purpose of having a virtual assistant. But, working n a smart manner is one of the main intentions. 

If you have the liberty to paste what you have copied from another devices, that will be a positive. Also, if you are free to share the mages on other devices without much effort, that will be another kind of integration. Apple company has been able to put third name on the list from those works. If the Siri Vs Google Assistant is for the integration in a more mechanical way, that will go to Google assistant. If the integration goes on a smart way, the Siri will be it.

  • What can Siri do with a home hub?
  • If you want the best experience similar to your all apple devices, you will have to go for a home kit. Along with the necessary accessories, you will enable to watch a movie and send it to Apple iPhone, ask Siri to play to in the room where you sleep and many things. Also, switching off the lights, turning on the television, and similar task will be fulfilled by Siri for you.
  • Can I use Siri to automate my entire home?
  • Of course you are free to integrate all the devices and automate them for fulfilling the best purpose. Although Google Assistant has the access better than Siri, you will have to install particular platform that. For example, a home hub will be the need when setting up an integration.

General Knowledge

The knowledge is one of the most valuable possessions of the Internet. Internet is filled with lots of things and the knowledge is the most appreciated things a swell. When it comes to Google search engine, its duty is to discover the knowledge and make them available for those who need it. Therefore it can be assumed that Google Assistant has the access to all those things. Of course it has a swell. Google Assistant can answer lots of questions you have. 

If you want to know, “How much water does a gallon contain in liters?”, you will get an instant answer. Similar to that, you will get answers in a vast range a swell. Translations, transformations, general knowledge, information, and almost every question will be answered by Google assistant for sure. If you compare Siri with this fact, you will not get enough answers as the first thing. Even if it does, what you get is not just answers but a search result from the internet. For example, if you want to know the Last name of the world-famous character Iron Man, you will be given the result of a volleyball match. Similar to this, it all will be a thing that you can appreciate. 

The most important thing to remember regarding the knowledge of Siri is it being changed. For example, if you ask the same question repeatedly, it will deliver several answers on each time you ask. The speed of prodding answers for a question is a necessity. When considering the speed of the Google Assistant with Siri in Siri Vs Google Assistant, Google had the speediest move. More importantly, it can be considered as a time consumption that can be neglected. If you have an internet connection, Google will deliver its answers in no time. When it comes to Siri, it takes longer than you think.

There, it can be assumed that the Google assistant is in the winning position when it comes to available knowledge. Also, the speed, being smart with providing the answers, and lots of things are going in favor of Google Assistant.


The music and entertainment are must-need thing for a user no matter he/she is using an Apple or an Android device. The differences keep flowing to the Music in the Siri Vs Google Assistant as well. Although the Google Assistant has got its capabilities in millions of servers, this will be a place where the Siri Vs Google Assistant contest has come to a close position a swell. Google has got the access to the Google Play Music, Deezer, Pandora, Spotify and youtube music. The most important focus Google had was the podcasting . If you are an android user, the podcasting listening will be a possibility for you. When it comes to Spotify, you must know that it has got more than 10 million songs at present.

Although Google Assistant has the ability to access and deliver those songs for your satisfaction, Apple Siri will not be able to do that. It is important to note that Apple is strict about not giving the  access to Google or Google Assistant the access of their own music store, Apple Stream. When going to the Apple music access, they don’t have the access of Amazon Music, Deezer, or even Spotify. Although the only available online streaming music service is Apple Music, they have got a decent amount of songs.

According to sources, it is said that there are more than 50 million songs in more than 2000 languages for Apple users. When comparing it with the Google Assistant, apple gets defeated in here too. That is, not just because Google has got the link to world-known music streaming services but the increased number of songs. For example,  the Spotify like world known streaming service has got 82 million songs in its possession. In the Siri Vs Google Assistant, Google Assistant is way ahead.

  • Is Google compatible with Apple Music?
  • That depends according to the device you have. If you have a Google Home mini or a latest Nest Branded speaker, you will be  able  to streAM from Apple Music. To do that, you must have a Wi-Fi connectivity and Google Home app installed on the Apple device you have.
  • What is the difference between the Apple Music And Google music?
  • The most visible difference is the ownership. The Apple Music is owned by Apple Inc. and the Google music is a property of the Google company. When it comes to the usage of the service, Apple Music can be used by Apple iPhone, iPad, and MAC computers. Along with the latest accessories produced by Apple company such as Apple Watch, users get the access to Apple Siri. When it comes to Google Music, not only Android devices but the latest Apple devices can have the usage.
  • Can I get my siri to talking to Google assistant?
  • Of course you can. All you have to do is to turn it in settings. You will be able to search in settings of your apple devices if your device supports Siri and the latest version of Siri is updated.
  • Who is going to answer the questions when minding the Siri Vs Google Assistant?
  • The best virtual assistant has to be chosen after considering lots of things. If the accuracy of an answer is a criteria, that will be Google assistant in the Siri Vs Google Assistant contest. It has been found that the Google Assistant’s answering accuracy is more than 76% and Siri’s is just 47%. When considering Alexa, it has also got an accuracy of 55% which is more than Siri.

Reservations and Recommendations

Although there are plenty of chances you have for an event, you must go for the best one as you can’t be in multiple places at once. Your knowledge, logical knowledge, and experience like various qualities have to get involved when making that choice. If you want someone such as either Google Assistant or Siri to make, you will have to put your trust a much. 

After discovering the personal experience, it was clear that the reservation was one of the expectations Smartphone users had. Due to their complicated and busy life styles, they may forget to mention the specifications as well. The end result can be a frustrating evening or a ride they never wished for. For example, if you ask your Virtual assistant to choose an Indian restaurant nearby you, it will give a suggestions for sure. But, if you have to travel a couple of hours for that place, that will be a frustration. 

When it comes to other disadvantages, not considering the rating, suggesting closed places, not matching the restaurant with your place, and there can be a lot more. When considering Siri Vs Google Assistant for the reservations, you will be  able  to have a service ib a vast range. This is what some people told about the reservations.

“Google Assistant was asked to reserve a good place for Indian food. What it suggested was the place that I also could have chosen. It was the best experience I had in my life”

“I wanted to find the best Chinese restaurant in NYC. I gave the command to Google assistant. After considering the places I could see that the assistant had gone for few choices. However, it was not clear either my voice was not clear or Google Assistant had got anything wrong as the suggested places did not have positive reviews”

“I feel that I can hand over the duty to call a ride to Siri as it has done that several times. If you are specific with the place you want to go, it will make its path for sure”.

Above comments are from real-world Virtual assistant users. After considering the overall ideas in the internet, it can be assumed that the Siri is the winner in the Siri Vs Google Assistant as the smart understanding a part of the reservations. When it comes to Google, it can find the best place for you or the best option, but it doesn’t let you have the required reservation.

  • Can I use Google Assistant to schedule appointments?
  • Yes you can. All you have to do is to wake up the assistant by saying Hello Goggle, and then state the appointment as necessary. When the appointment is complete, Google Assistant will let you know about the confirmation through its voice. This will take a couple of minutes as well.
  • Can Google assistant reserve a restaurant for you?
  • If you have a date night, you will not be able to do this as it is a vital reservation. If you have a better online booking partner, Google will do it for you. The ratings, your interest, and the basic details will have to be stated straight away.
  • What will happen if you say 14 to Siri?
  • As soon as you say 14 to Siri, it will make a call to the emergency number where you live. For example, if you are in the USA, the phone will call 9111 straight away. But, you will have to confirm it through the screen. Since t14 is just a number, you don’t need to be calling the emergency number every time you say it. That is what means by the verification.


As a person who has the curiosity, you must have tried to communicate with the Virtual assistant you have. The most important thing about the communication is being persuasive, you feel to continue the chat. If you are a Google Lover, you have that feature even in your browser. You must have tried it as a child for sure. When you say something to you, it will return the favor and spit to you several things. Although you don’t have lots of differences I the voice, you will le  able  to enjoy a really good communication with Google. 

The most important thing regarding the communication with Google assistant in Siri Vs Google Assistant is making fee it real. You will not feel that you are talking to a robot. No matter what you have is typing, or speaking, the Assistant will realize it within seconds. The difference between the writing and the speaking will be nothing indeed as well. Joker entertainment infotainment, and lots of things will be included in the background. Even if you want to connect with someone else, Google assistant will do that while keeping the conversation. 

When it comes to Siri, you will not get that much freedom as a sure thing. The thing that you must remember is the limited resources. For example, if you want to see a place on the map, the Google Company will be the best vendor to show it. Along with the Apple platform, you are not going to get that. When it comes to the way of communicating, you have to admit that Google knows it better than anyone else. For example, Search Engine optimization, keywords, and lots of sleep-learning algorithms have made things smooth for Google assistant. If you want Siri to manage the communication for you, you will not be able to get the same feeling like you do with Google assistant as a sure thing.

  • How can I continua full conversation with Siri?
  • When coming to the Siri Vs Google Assistant comparison, you are not going to make a continuing conversation with Siri. If you want to have a conversation that flows, you will have to ask short questions that have long answers. For example, if you ask Sri, “How to turn on the Wi-Fi on my iPhone?” it will give you an explained answer as a sure thing. But, you have to remember that jokes, entertainment, storytelling and such things will only be available in Google assistant.
  • Who Is friendlier, Siri or Google assistant when minding the Siri Vs Google Assistant?
  • As a sure thing, you will find  Google assistant friendlier. It will answer your every question and keep trying to make it in a flow. Even if you speak unfavorable words, it will kindly say that it is inappropriate. The most important thing about the Google assistant regarding the friendliness is having lots of knowledge ad the social skills. When it comes to the Apple Siri, it will nether keep the conversation nor be friendly with you. As Apple company has insisted, Siri is for making things easy but not for time passing.
  • Can Siri say about the president’s speech that held last week?
  • No. You can not expect such things as a sure thing. If you ask Siri to show anything similar to that, all you get is a result sheet that has been taken from the internet.
  • Can Google assistant tell the weather forecast?
  • Yes. Once you asked Google assistant to say the weather forecast, it will state the weather in a descriptive manner a swell. Also, it will tell if there is a chance of a rain or similar thing.


It is simply explained why you want the smart assisting for your navigational needs. Just because you can stay off the phone display while driving it doesn’t mean that the Virtual assistant is a part of that as a sure thing. The most important thing is that you get the all details from your assistant. 

Not only navigation, but the transits, special places, memories, and lots of things will be there with the proper virtual assistant. When coming to the Siri Vs Google Assistant, you are going to need your own criteria to measure the best one as both are the best on the field. For example, if you want to find a place on the map, both Google assistant and the Apple Siri will let you have along with the distance, alternative paths, and other vital things. 

If your only guide is the iOS map, you will be able to get answered to the questions you have. For example, if you want to know about any other place while being navigated, that will be a possible thing. However, the time estimation, best route, and the graphics will not be similar to Google maps. Although there are good vibes in the overall process, you will need the thing go a bit more favored as they are.  The traffic updates are crucial when the navigation is taken into the consideration. For example, if your intention is to use one of the busiest routes, you will have to be aware of the traffic. The Apple Siri is doing a great job for anyone. If the traffic is the criteria when minding the Siri Vs Google Assistant, you will extremely be happy where you are as it provides traffic updates accurately.

It Is A Whole New Level

Google navigation is a whole new level. If you are a common user of Google, that will not be felt as a usual thing. If the Google Assistant based navigation as your first time, you will feel it as a thing that ha filled with every tiny detail. Not only the street names, but, the every name of the shop will be spoken loudly by Google assistant. Even if you want a 3D view, that will be a possible thing. 

Since Google has the benefit of having the world’s best GPS satellite, every befit will be given to the users by Google. But, it is important to note that the errors have been constantly flowing with the GPS map. The place you are going to reach can be  a place that you can not find with ease. Although it exists, the guidance or the navigation given by the map can be frustrating to you. You have to remember that it is not a fault with the Google assistant but a problem with the GPS navigation. 

Also, the latest Android and Google devices are designed to avoid the miscalculations caused by various brands. It means that Google Android is installed into various hardware models that come as such as smart phones. Samsung, Huawei, and various operating systems will be there. One of the problems associated with them is the association of the errors in the navigation. Therefore, along with Google products manufactured by the company will avoid such errors as a sure thing. When coming to the accuracy in the Siri Vs Google Assistant, the win will go to Apple Siri as a virtual assistant.

  • How can I wake Siri for the navigation?
  • You can simply ask Siri to navigate by just waking him up. All you have to do is to hold the home key and then saying “get me walking directions to the place where you want to go”. If it is a place that has located in a distance that you can’t reach by feet, you will have to say follow another path.
  • Can Google Assistant turn on the GPS when returning home?
  • Yes, she / he can turn on the GPS when it is necessary. Since Google assistant as well as the Map are two apps that come as pre-installed apps, that is a possible thing. You don’t have to turn on GPS when you are using the navigation through Google assistant.
  • How can I go home using the Google Assistant?
  • All you have to do is to open up the Map and say, “OK, Google. Let’s go home”. The navigation will be instructed by the assistant in no time.

Conclusion : Siri Vs Google Assistant

This article has explained everything you need to know about two of the best Virtual assistants in the world. Although you are an android person or an Apple person, you will be able to come into a conclusion about the product you need to use. Since there can be various needs of yours, you will have to read and understand the best product between these two as both Siri Vs Google Assistant is a tough contest like always.

  • How common is Siri?
  • It has been calculated that there are more than 1.89 Billion apple devices n the world. Also, among that particular number, there are 900 million iPhones as well. When it comes to the number of Siri’s that are working all around the world, that will be approximately more than 1.50 Billion.
  • What is more common, Apple Siri or Google Assistant?
  • There are about 900 Siris in Apple devices in the world and it is said there are more than 1.80 Google Assistants in android devices all across the world. It means, Google assistant is more common than Siri as a sure thing.
  • What is the best between Google assistant and Siri?
  • Of course you have to give the credit to Google Assistant due to many reasons. Google Assistant has the ability to refer limitless data bases a swell as references in its possession. When it comes to Apple Siri, all it ha sis Apple company. If you have a look at the number of devices used as Android or Apple, you will be  able  to have an understanding.
  • What are the smartest thing that Siri can which Google assistant cant?
  • Although how accurate, fast, and smart the Google assistant can be, it still can’t turn on selfie camera, set alarms, and remember specific things. When it comes to Siri, it has the ability to all those stuff a swell as sending messages. Even if the user needs to call for a ride using Siri, Google assistant has not been smart with that as well. The most important thing is that people love having a smart behavior for their virtual assistant.
  • Which Virtual Assistant people prefer between Siri Vs Google Assistant?
  • People love to have Siri instead of Google assistant. What the need is not just information but a quicker companion who can help them with their tasks. The most important thing is the operating system that Siri is installed into.

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