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Apple Watch band Review

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Today in the market you can see a lot of watch bands suitable for your Apple Watch, the problem that many people have is that they do not have a correct vision about the quality and appearance of these. We are ready to inform you about it with this article. Let’s see what watch bands are available first. 

Sports Band 

Sports Loop 

Solo Loop 

Braided Solo Loop 

Nike Sport Band 

These are also found in various materials. Among those materials,


Rubber Watch Straps

Metal Bracelet 

Silicon Watch Straps

Nylon Watch Straps

Oyster Bracelet 

Leather Watch Straps

Salicloth Watch Straps 

Sport Band

The best watch band for the original Apple Watch is the Sport Band. It is a very good choice and it is made of soft materials. This band is exclusively waterproof and the best choice for vigorous workouts. It has a unique pin-and-tuck closure system. It fits most wrist sizes and costs only $49. Some colors are available in large and regular sizes and are compatible with most wrist sizes.

Sports Loop 

It costs $49 and is made of nylon double layer. It is breathable and comfortable and the Dense Loops on the side touch your skin and help provide a comfortable and cushioned fit. It is not waterproof. But it is very easy to dry off without issue if it gets wet in rain or otherwise. The attachment loop gives a good fit to your wrist and you don’t have to struggle to find the best size.

Solo Loop 

This is the latest Apple watch band type and is made of liquid silicon rubber. Therefore, it is waterproof, sweatproof and stretchable. So it’s a cinch to clean. There are no claps, buckles, or any other part of the band. It fits well around your wrist and is comfortable to wear for a long time. You can get the band that fits the size of your hand. If you order online you will have to use print Apple’s downloadable tool to find the right band.

Braided Solo Loop 

This is a solo loop and fits well without buckles or clasps. And you have to find the right size before ordering. This is a combination of recycled polyester yarn around silicone threads. It provides good comfort when it is around your wrist. It will give you comfort as before as soon as it is wet and dry.

The best watch band for you 

Wepro Black Buckle 

It is made of silicon. It is more traditional than other silicone bands and it is sweat resistant and dirt proof. It has a classic buckle design. You can set up throughout the day. And the band is cheaper. 

Apple Braided Solo Loop 

It uses the same stretchy design as the Apple Solo Loop band. It is very comfortable and water resistant. But not swim proof. So don’t take it to the pool. And because this is produced by Apple, you can be confident about the quality. 

Apple Solo Loop

This is ultra comfortable in every way. One of the best Apple Watch Straps that you can use throughout the day. It is made of liquid silicone rubber. It gives you a unique and stretchable quality. You have many colors to choose from and make sure you choose the right size. And this band is swim-proof.  

Tasikar Strap Apple Watch Band

This uses a magnetic strap. You can flip it around and it gives you two colourways in one. Therefore, you can use it for office and formal occasions as well. It is a little heavier than the others because of the magnet.

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