Apple Products History After 2000

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According to analysts, there are two Apple products history variations, Apple products history after 2000 and the Apple products history before 2000.

If you are a fan of Apple products, 2000 post era must have been the time you wanted to enjoy Apple products. Although there were revolutionary products introduced by Apple company, most of them didn’t have the majority reference. It means most of people didn’t have a need to use Apple products before 2000.

Although Steve Jobs departure from Apple in the 1980s made some crucial impacts along with John Sculley, it was 2000 when the changing  had started and become familiar. This article will explain how well all those things went after 2000 along with the Steve Jobs return.

Apple Cinema Display

One of the giant steps taken by Steve Jobs was the Apple Cinema. It is a Flat Panel Computer Monitor display introduced along with the expectation of providing quality and larger visuals for the computer users. After committing tons of work for personalized computers, this was the first time to introduce accessories for the Apple computers in Apple products history after 2000.  Like it sounds, Apple Cinema Display is about high dimensional monitors that ranged from 20 inch displays to 30 inches displays. Also, these displays were produced using polycarbonate and aluminum as the primary materials. As a successful product line, Apple cinema Display was manufactured from 2000 to 2011 by Apple Company.  

The model had an upgrade along with the Apple Display Connector. Its purpose was to provide higher contrast and color for the customers. Also, the display size was increased up to 1600×1024 in this upgrade. Apple company introduced several upgrades with the time and display size was enlarged to 1680×1050 along with those upgrades. More importantly, the price was not increased by the Apple company as the world market had other influences from Samsung and other competitors. The assigned price for the Apple Cinema Display was $1,299 USD in 2009. Since there was not a major progress and Apple company was looking for more steps regarding Apple iPhone, the Apple Cinema Display product was stopped.

Apple Headphones

Apple headphones were introduced with Apple iPod devices. Since there was not an official name for them, they were known as the headphones of Apple iPad. Along with the time, there were some exclusive products brought by Apple company such as Apple Airpod, AirPod Pro, Airpod Max, Ear Pods, and the next big thing from Apple company known as Apple glass.

At present, there are lots of rumors regarding the next play of the Apple headphone. It is said that the new Airpod will come along with the AR and VR technology that can create embracing fantasies right in front of the eyes. The first headphone was introduced by Apple company in 2001. It had consisted of awesome features even in that time with the perfection of Apple company.  Also, it had continued until 2020 when the Apple company unofficially was cluing about the next big thing, Apple AR and VR glass.

Apple Ipod

2001 was the particular year when Steve Jobs had to change lots of decisions regarding his policies. Apple iPod was a device they produced for the entertainment. Steve Jobs took the decision to decline other products that had been delivered to customers without a computer origin. But, it seemed that Steve Jobs was willing to pay his entire knowledge on the computer accessories. But, Apple iPad was a complete different device for the Apple fans. It was delivered with gigantic specs such as 5GB internal memory, LCD screen, games, connectivity and the embracing user Interface. There was a doubt even in the Apple company when putting this step. Fortunately, it went well. The Apple iPod had recorded 390 million downloads at the end of 2014.

The increased storage was one of the excessive benefits Apple company gave. Therefore, users were allowed to use it as an external storage. Although 5GB is capable of storing more than 1000 songs, it was not a practicable thing to do. In later versions, photo, video, music, and several transfer options had been introduced. Apple company went through several interface changes. There was one of the major updates in 2007 which introduced new fonts. Also, there were some impressive features in the menu, such as sharing, album art, and the easy menu options.  

2007 Iphone

The first generation of Apple iPhone is considered to be the first smart device came into the market. Apple company is famous for astonishing people. When it comes to the Apple iPhone, that was the largest surprise ever came to the Apple fans. At first glance, there was a 4GB internal storage. Touch display,128Ram, iOS operating system, 

and the expandable memory were some of the amazing features that came along with Apple iPhone. The device came with a 1400mAh battery which was also a massive step. When coming to the display, it was a touch sensitive one. Although there were few devices that had the sensitivity, Apple iPhone emerged as a giant due to its perfection in inserting commands. The phone had come without a number pad and kept few physical buttons just for the formality.

Apple company had been developing iPhone since 2005 when the world was looking at Nokia, Samsung, and Sagem like mobile phone brands. Apple company was keeping the privacy at its very best to keep the surprise element. Apple iPhone had come up with GSM, Edge, GPRS, Data transfer like modern network connections as well. The iPhone 3G was in the editions came in the iPhone product line which had 3G network adaptability. It was the beginning of a new era when the world was looking for a change. Also, Apple company officially announced that they are up to sending a new iPhone per year in the future.

2008 MacBook Air

MacBook Air is a laptop model introduced by Apple Inc. which was launched in 2008. It had got awesome specs and body artwork that could easily attract the customers. The MacBook Air laptop was introduced along with impressive features such as 13.3 inch display, Aluminum structure, Intel core & processor, retina display, and the Thunderbolt USB type C ports. Also, this laptop model was considered as the world thinnest display at that time. It had got just 1.9cm thickness which was the minimum specs by a laptop at the year 2008.

The product was introduced by Steve Jobs during the Keynote Function in January, 2008. The storage was also in the highest condition along with either a 128Sd or a 120 HDD for the customers’ use. When coming to the HD graphics, MacBook air had come with an NVidia graphic card that can be used to edit images, videos, play games, and enjoy the maximum lengths of graphics. This product line was continued for 12 years until it was cancelled in 2020 by Apple company.

Apple Watch 2015

Apple Watch is a smart watch introduced by Apple company in 2015 and continued until several versions. After the introduction, it became the mostly worn wearable in the world. Apple company had revealed that more than 4.2 Apple watches had been sold in 2015. 

By the end of 2020, 100 million of apple watches had been sold all around the world.  It had come with awesome features such as touch display, multiple sensors, increased memory, internet, Siri, and the Apple WatchOs. Not only timekeeping, but remembering the movements, reminders, sleep control, music, and many other features had been introduced for the users. When coming to the late versions of the Apple Watch, Siri could have interacted effectively.

Apple felt the need of a special product that can facilitate the need of people who didn’t want an iPhone. Kevin Lynch, one of the wearable experts in the world, was hired by Apple company to implement the new project of introducing a new project. They paid their attention to invent a new watch that could feel almost like someone who is near the wearing person. The team ended with Apple Watch that had lots of sensors to stay in touch with the wearing person. It is said that the Apple watch production team had taken the service of more than 100 expert designers.

The frame had been built using Aluminum that had provided the strength needed by the watch. When coming to the bands and the buckles, Apple company had come up with lots of variations. Although what kind of person the customers is, he/she had been provided with plenty of choices.

2020 Apple iPhone 12

As the last release version of the Apple iPhone, Apple iPhone 12 has come along with lots of new things. When compared to the first-ever released Apple iPhone in 2007, the distance it has come is a huge one. It is important to remember that the route has not changed even a bit from what Steve Jobs had thought. Apple company has followed exactly what Steve job had been trying to do. The Ram memory granted for the Apple 12 was 4Gb. When coming to the internal memory, there were few versions with the internal storage such as 64Gb, 128GB, and 256GB. Although world is looking at Phone RAM memories in more expanded specs. For example, the competitor Samsung company ha been sending their phones along with 16GB RAMs in 2020 year. The Apple company’s answer was a special one, We don’t have lagging even though the RAM is 4GB in Apple 12.

The battery had come as a 2815mAh. The struggle that had been keeping the battery to a spacious one had not been fixed even in the 12th edition of the Apple iPhone. But, Apple had provided facilities such as wireless charging. The same sensors were in the Apple i12 phone like earlier iPhones did such as Accelerometer, Gyroscope sensor, barometer, proximity sensor, and sensor. But, the interaction between apps had become more convenient. For example, a user could easily send his data to his Apple Watch.


This article has explained about 07 major apple products that brought a difference to the world. All of them are special due to various reasons. Some of them have become declined products, or become more advanced along with the latest technology. Even in this moment, Apple company must be inventing new things and registering their patents. Even if you are using the latest version of those products belong to Apple products history, it will be better if you have an understanding about the Apple products history. Because, Apple company’s policy and the vision has never changed and never will.  You will know what are to come as an Apple fan.

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