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Apple iPhone X vs Apple iPhone 14 Pro: Review

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On September 12, 2017, the 5.8-inch Apple iPhone X was first released. About 60 months later, the latest Apple iPhone 14 Pro was released. That’s with the Apple A16 Bionic. Here we compare the two and show you their advantages and disadvantages. 

Differences between the two models


Apple iPhone X – 5.8 inches

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 6.1 inches


Apple iPhone X – Apple 3-core GPU

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – Apple GPU 5-core

Internal Storage:

Apple iPhone X – 256 GB not expandable 

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 128 GB not expandable 

Battery Capacity:

Apple iPhone X – 2716 mAh

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 3200 mAh

Battery type:

Apple iPhone X – Li-Ion, Not user replaceable 

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – Not user replaceable 


Apple iPhone X – Dual Camera

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – Triple Camera

Main camera:

Apple iPhone X – 12 MP

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 48 MP

Front camera:

Apple iPhone X – 7 MP

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 12 MP

Video capture:

Apple iPhone X – 1920×1080 (Full HD)

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 3840×2160 (4K UHD)


Apple iPhone X – 174g

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 206g

SIM Type:

Apple iPhone X – Nano SIM

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – eSIM


Apple iPhone X – 5.0

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 5.3


Apple iPhone X – $1149

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – $999

Officially announced:

Apple iPhone X – 2017 september 12

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 2022 september 07

Refresh rate:

Apple iPhone X – 60Hz

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 120Hz

Max rated brightness:

Apple iPhone X – 625 nits

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 1000 nits

Full charging time:

Apple iPhone X – 2 hr

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 1.41 hr

Battery Life:

Apple iPhone X – 22.33 hr

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – 36.11 hr

Chip set:

Apple iPhone X – Apple A11 Bionic

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – Apple A16 Bionic 

Similarities between the two models 

* Materials of both models are glass and stainless steel. 

* 3D Face unlock is seen as Biometrics. 

* There is no headphone jack. 

* Memory card is not found in both. 

* Wireless charging can be found in both models. 

* 8K video recording is not available. 

* You can also see charging and USB-storage mode as USB features. 

* As sensors in both models you can see Barometer, Proximity sensor, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Compass, Face recognition sensor. 

Reasons why Apple iPhone X is good: 

* Weight 32 grams less 

Reasons why Apple iPhone 14 Pro is good:

* Higher Peak brightness 

* Higher Display refresh rate – 120Hz

* Good Camera quality 

* 60% longer battery life

* New bluetooth version 

* Waterproof body

* 0.3 inch larger screen size

When comparing the two phones, the iPhone 14 Pro is ahead of the iPhone X in terms of battery life, display, performance, camera, and connectivity. 

A question many people have is whether it is worth it to ditch their iPhone X and switch to the iPhone 14 Pro. It is definitely a valuable decision. iPhone 14 Pro gives you good things to show in every way. Also, the more powerful processor and its edges in iPhone 14 Pro are very valuable features.

People also ask about the size of iPhone X and iPhone 14 Pro. The iPhone 14 Pro is 0.3 inches larger than the iPhone X. Also, the iPhone 14 Pro gives you a higher nits peak brightness of 375. 

But if you plan to buy an iPhone X even in 2023, you can get a good looking phone with good features at a good price. Therefore it is justified in value.

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