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The Best Apple Pencil Alternative For 2021

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Are you looking for an Apple Pencil Alternative? If yes, you will have to find the best one that has similar features Apple pencil has. Being too expensive, having had to learn the way to use, and there can be your reasons to get along with a new change. If you are either an iPad user or a person fond of drawing, the Apple pencil will be one of the things that you can change.  This article is about the best apple pencil choices that can change the scope for the year 2021.

Why You Should Go For A Change?

Here are a few of the things that you need to focus on when looking for the best apple pencil alternatives. You will realize that Apple Pencil Price is not the only factor when looking for other products in the market.

Easy To Lose Back Cap

Although there are so many factors that can state the perfection of Apple products, the easy to lose back cap is a reason to go for an Apple Pencil Alternative. You might have felt that the back cap is already not in perfect stability when you were using it.

Physical Grip

Being round in shape, the Apple pencil is not the perfect device with the appropriate shape. Most people see it as a simple design with a bit of lazy planning. Also, rolling up on a flat surface will cause the device to fall and break. If that happens, the amount you have to pay will not be less.

Not For Kids

Although you intend to gift an Apple iPad for your kid’s birthday, the Apple Pencil will not be a thing for sure. As its length is higher and the effort you have to put when holding the pencil is too higher, your kid will not love it. When it comes to its complications, the kids will stay out of it.

Not Having A Specific Purpose Is Vital

Even if you are a person with a specific objective or a goal in the head, Apple Pencil will not let you have a safe journey with its content. For example, if you intend to use the pencil for sketching or drawing, you cannot use it as a professional. Since there are so many graphic tools to be used, Apple Pencil’s graphical contribution is less than them.


$99 can be the value that you can bear. But, when it comes to a situation when you can save about $50 from one of the best apple pencil alternative products that will feel like too much for sure. Also, the Apple pencil provides the quality of a perfect design, in the end, there are so many products in the market with the same features.

Several Best Apple Pencil Alternatives

The pencil is not the only product in the market that can fulfill the tasks the Apple pencil can do. There are graphic pens, pads, and other pencils as well. The best thing regarding those pencils is that a user doesn’t have to limit to iPad. For example, if you choose a graphic tablet instead of the Apple Pencil, you will be able to do so many things.  Drawing nice curves, increased battery life, smooth pairing with any platform, and the ability to use as a multi-tasking device are a few of those things.

Few Of Best apple pencil alternative In The Market

Here are 10 of the best apple pencil choices for the year that can make the year a success with your goals.

Logitech Crayon

As the only product that has been approved by Apple Company, Logitech Crayon is a better choice than having an Apple Pencil. When it the price, you can buy this stylus for $69.9 at the market. Unlike Apple pencil, Logitech Crayon has got so many positive things like palm-rejection technology, 07 hours of continuous work, and tilt support are a few of the things that an Apple Pencil owner might be looking for. Since palm rejection is an inbuilt feature, users won’t get into trouble with their drawings.

It has got a solid finish and a smooth grip for any kind of drawing task. When it comes to the features the designers have taken care of, the quick charge feature has enabled a 30-minute use for a better experience. It is recommended for the people who work in the graphic industry.  Having the pencils in grey and orange colors has made the stylus the best apple pencil alternative for the year 2021.

Size: 12mm x 163mm Connectivity: Pressure sensitive Weight: 20g 

Adonit Pro 3

Being one of the thinnest designs as a best apple pencil alternative, Adonit Pro has got a Size of 9mm x 126mm and a weight of 18g.  This pencil is as responsive as the Apple pencil. When it comes to its utmost feature, the price is the best thing regarding the product. You can buy it for around $50 on Amazon or such affiliate sites. Also, Adonit Pro 3 is equipped with an inbuilt clip that allows the user to take it anywhere he goes. The quality aluminum finishing end has ensured a product with longevity in use as well.  Although most of the features make this much useful for the graphic industry, it doesn’t contain pressure sensitivity.

Since the pen comes in silver, black, pink rose and blue colors, a user gets the privilege to use it in his favorite color as well.

Size: 9mm x 126mm Connectivity : Wireless Weight: 18g 

Power: No batteries

Wacom Bamboo Fineline

Connected through Bluetooth, Wacom Bamboo Fineline is one piece of an astonishing product. There are so many things a user might admire, micro USB power supply, programmable side button, and over 15-hour extended battery life are key features of the stylus. Although the power-consuming and the use are similar to the Apple Pencil, the $49.9 is not the same as you know it.  Since it has got a fine tip, the pen is recommended for detailed writing. The 1.9mm nib has also ensured over 1000 pressure-sensitive strokes in the use. When it comes to pairing, most of the apps are supported by this device.

Eth stylish design has not skipped the ergonomic design along with a smooth grip. Although the weight is not less than any other best apple pencil alternative in the market, the user has been enabled to feel a weightless design in the end. The programmable button can be used for several purposes. Even turning on and turning off are those things that can extend the battery life.

Size 10mm x 142mm Connectivity: Bluetooth| Weight: 20g Power: Micro USB

 Hahakee Ipad Stylus

As same as the name sounds, it is a product for the iPad device of yours. Being the best apple pencil alternative, Hahakee iPad Stylus comes in handy with its price. Priced at $35 in the market, it is one of the styluses that come with a budget feature. The 13.33g weight is an impressive factor when compared to other products in the field. Although the product has been titled iPad Stylus, a user can use the pen for any kind of touch-sensitive device. for example, even if you want it for drawing purposes on the Androids, that will be a possible thing.

The inbuilt clip for safety has enabled mobile use as well. Along with the features like 3 nibs, the pen is recommended for note-taking and sketching purposes.  If the user is efficient in managing the pen, the 40 extended battery life will be its utmost feature as well.  However, taking too much time to charge the stylus makes the same device a bit laggy.

Size 15mm x 144mm Connectivity Wireless Weight: 13.6gg Power: Micro-USB rechargeable

Wakom Bamboo Sketch

The pressure-sensitive stylus is not a huge thing for an Apple user. But its triangular shape, two shortcut buttons, the $49 price, and the appealing black color finishing color-like features have made it the best apple pencil alternative for Apple iPad users. When it comes to its battery life, it can be used for more than 05 hours even with heavy work. The stylus has skipped the errors like rolling up, low battery life, lengthy design, and complex use.

The pressure-sensitive tips have been able to make the pen look more appealing. It can produce thicker lines with a slight change of pressure as well. If you are looking for something special for your graphic tasks along with the best apple pencil alternative, the Wakom Bamboo Sketch pen will have to be among the top five for sure.

Size: 10mm x 142mm Connectivity Pressure sensitive Weight 17g Power: Charging via USB dongle


There are so many features the styluses can have. But, when it comes to anti-slip grip, only the Zspeed holds that feature. Along with its ergonomic design, high accuracy, and speedy functioning, its shape is almost similar to a usual pen. Priced for $25.99 in Amazon, the 1.45 fine tip has made a nice combination to its real smooth grip as well. The copper finish the Zspeed pen has got is a design that can make you a professional.

If you are worried about the mobility of the pen, it comes with a magnetic closure that closes the USB charging port of the pen making a closed design.  The best thing regarding the pen without the power is its sensitive fiber mesh tip or rubber tip that allows the user to finish where he has stopped. The 12-hour lengthy battery life will be enough to keep you busy for the entire day.

Size: 14mm x 138mm Connectivity Pressure sensitive Weight 21g Power: Charging via USB


If you are looking for something similar to a real pen, The Yoyomax stylus will be the best suit for you. The ergonomic design a typical pen holds is coming along with this pen too. Also the gripping has been the perfect result for an aluminum used structure. When it comes to its accuracy, the pen holds the same stats the Apple Pencil holds as well.

The Bluetooth connection will not be required if you use this pen since the sensitive tip can give commands straight away. As a stylus that can work with iPads, it also can work with another product like Androids. The price has been the precious gift the pen offers you, You can buy it for $25 in the market.

Size: 11mm x 120mm Connectivity Pressure sensitive Weight 16g Power: Charging via Micro USB


It is not only the best apple pencil alternative but the best in the stylus industry as well. If you are looking for the perfect design that can draw sketches, write things, draw digital paints, or any kind of stuff, this will be it. The perfect ergonomic design has established a nice grip for the user and the modern look will astonish the audience for sure. Along with the design, it is capable of applying a professional look to you as well. It is that much perfect.

The ten hours battery life, 

ability to use on any kind of touch-sensitive device, and the ultra-fine pinpoint will enable legless work for you. Since it can be afforded for a price as low as nothing, $25, you will feel almost perfect.

Size: 10mm x 130mm Connectivity Pressure sensitive Weight 19g 

Power: No batteries Micro USB


when you are looking for a pencil that looks like an Apple pencil, Buteny will be a nice choice as the best apple pencil alternative. It not just looks like the Apple pencil but feels like the Apple pencil along with its grip. The 1.5mm fine tip allows the user to draw what he likes and write what he needs. If you are looking for a professional; graphic tool for drawing purposes, Buteny will be a better choice for sure. Since it doesn’t require any pairing capability, the device becomes universal. It is resistant to dust and such trouble along with its magnetic clip. Buteny stylus can hold its power for up to 10 hours for facilitating continuous support to your needs. The $21.99 price will be less than Apple Pencil by almost 05 times. Therefore the pencil is worth being considered as the best apple pencil alternative.

Size: 10mm x 128mm Connectivity Pressure sensitive Weight 18g Power


It has been the best apple pencil alternative due to many reasons. The disc tip is such a feature the pen has got.  You can use it for several uses such as note-taking, sketching, drawing, and even digital painting. The durable steel design will let you have a durable design along with minimum wearing and tearing percentage. The retractability of the pen has been a positive factor as it allows the user to hide the tip as soon as he pushes the tip.

Since the pen comes in a range of colors like white, blue, black, and rose gold, a person can choose the pen according to his favorite color as well. The universal use of the Mixoo will make it eligible for you to give it a try for sure. Since the price is below $10, you may try it without any hesitation as an Apple Pencil costs by 10 times.

Size: 10mm x 118mm Connectivity Pressure sensitive Weight 17g Power None

Introduced to Apple customers along with the iPad in 2015, the Apple pencil has been a phenomenal product for their customers to get tasks accomplished. When it comes to the key features of the Apple Pencil, making notes, sketching, drawing, and even navigation to the exact points are precious benefits a user can get. But, as a person with common sense, you should remember that there are so many similar products in the market price ranging from $9.99 to the price of Apple Pencil.

Also, the high accuracy that these alternative pencils can ensure is in a higher position than the Apple Pencil. If you want to draw something awesome, the Apple pencil can be the number one priority but not the only thing. Since the mentioned products are becoming popular day by day, reliability is not a factor that anyone cares about.

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