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Apple Products In 2021 Calendar

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This year will be an amazing year with plenty of new things as an Apple user. Usually, Apple holds few events in a single year. The spring is the beginning of the events where developers meet from all over the world. September event is known for releasing their iPhone and Watch. Occasionally Apple Company releases their iPads or MACs in October. Here are 10 Apple products that you may see in 2021 with some amazing features.

Airpods 03

As the third in the Airpod family, Airpod3 is supposed to be in your hands in 2021. Since the noise cancellation feature is not going to be there, you will not have to pay more than the Airpod2.  Although there is not much more about the design, rumors have spread the look to be familiar with Airpod Pro design.

Ipad Pro

Official statements are already out about the latest 12.9-inch which holds a mini display. Also, the unofficial news has brought that the iPad Pro will be coming with a new 5G chip and an 11-inch version as well.

Apple TV

With its streaming, Apple has been able to grab a specific audience for their grip. It is said that the Apple TV will come up with an updated processor. Since it is the very beginning of the product, there will be so much to come with the new Apple TV. However, some leaks have revealed that the Apple TV will get a new feature called Find-MY-Remote which lets you locate the remote within the home range.

iPhone 13

We can expect 04 Apple models in their 13th version of the Apple iPhone. Although the design is not going to change, some assumptions have stated that one phone model will come up with a portless model as well.  Wireless charging, Ai improved camera, an A15 chip, and faster 5G, and a small notch are expected with their latest phone. You will have to wait until September to see the official announcement.

Apple Watch Series 07

We have been receiving Apple products for 06 years back. It is predicted that the latest series will come with new sensors, syncing, and a new look. Although features are not clear, this product will be on the market by the end of September or October.

iPhone SE Plus

Rumors have been spreading since last year about the new version of the Apple iPhone Se. titled as the iPhone SE Plus, this phone will not contain face recognition, but full screen, ID power button, and 5.5 inches or 6.1-inch display.

Some Rumored Devices

There are some rumors about a few devices with unknown release dates. Among those devices, AR Smart glass, Airpods pro, and MacBook pro. Although release dates are not set yet, at least one of these things will be out within this year. AirTags is one of the coolest things you might be lucky to have this year. It will be able to assist you when tracking an Apple device without the data connection. Rumors say that AR support requires for this device which means both devices will be out together.  

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