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Why apple iPhones are expensive? Here are 10 Reasons

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Among the smartphone prices, Apple iPhone has a higher price. This article will explain why apple iPhones are expensive.

As an Apple iPhone user, you might have wanted to upgrade your phone with a latest iPhone versions. Although your budget is a smaller one or a large one, the price will be a thing you have to consider. Have you ever thought why apple iPhones are expensive or if their price can be reduced. Apple company has done that several times. But, they have been unable to send their iPhones into market along with budget friendly price feature. This article will explain why you have to pay a higher price for the Apple iPhones.

They Have To Pay A Higher Tax

Do you know that Apple company is among the highly grossed companies in the world? According to sources, Apple company has got more money circulating than the US treasury a swell. It means that they have to pay a higher amount of tax-paying than any other company in the world. Although the company ahs got over 180 USD billion revenue last year, 2021, they have to pay more than 10% of it for government taxes. As an Apple iPhone owner, that 10% has to be paid through the price you pay for the iPhone. For example, if you pay 100$ for an iPhone, simply 10 USD will be for taxpaying. If you are wondering why Apple iPhones are expensive and if there is anything to do with the government, you know it.

  • Is the Apple company the largest tax payer in the world?
  • Yes, Apple company is the largest tax payer in the world. If you are an owner of an iPhone, you have contributed to the US welfare and economy through your purchases. No matter where you are now, you have done that.
  • How much does apple company pay taxes globally?
  • That is about 24%. Apple company has happened to pay 24% of their revenue to the governments and other institutes to manufacture, sell, and earn.

The Software is also demanding lot of money

The Apple company as well as its products are coming with their own identity. One of the vital things caused their brand identity is the software they produce. As an Apple lover, you must have heard of iOS as the operating system of Apple iPhone. If you think why apple iPhones are expensive, the OS of Apple iPhone has been a reason for that. Through various features and the increased confidentiality, Apple company has been able to reach their customers. For example, when Google and other third party vendors are accused of stealing personal preferences, Apple company has ben able to stand with the best answer, their software. Apple company had to pay a massive price for that a swell. When Google cooperated with open-source algorithms from different vendors to produce Android OS, Apple company had to do it by his own. Even at present, Apple company has happened to maintain their iOS as it requires frequent debugging procedures.

  • What does iOS stand for?
  • iPhone Operating System.
  • What is the better OS between iOS and Android?
  • Although Android operating system has been able to evolve in a vast range, iOS is still considered to be the best Operating System for Smartphones. It will not listen to your preferences and steal your personal data.

Product Quality

You must have seen that various phone manufacturer conducting hard tests on their mobile phones. But, you must know that Apple products could tolerate harsh conditions even without they used to promote them. For example, if you have a look at the Youtube about the Apple iPhone nail test, drop test, and crash tests, you will realize that Apple iPhone has been the best among other brands. The display is one of their main concerns. The display is expected to bear the dust and water resistance from the very beginning. The first apple phone had this capability when other brands had not even gone for the smart operating system back in the 2000s.

If you are an android user, you must know that the performance reduction has been always a setback. Although you could do lots of things earlier, then you might be rung out of many options with the memory. What the manufacturer’s state is that it comes as a oS problem. You have to remember that the hardware tearing and wearing or having low quality of the parts cause this. The best way to observe this is to reset the phone. Apple tests show that the cache cleaning and resetting have been able to minimize the lagging. If you are wondering why Apple iPhones are expensive, the quality of the products will be the main reason to have an elevated price.

  • Which apple phone has the best quality in its parts?
  • The iPhone 13 Pro Max is believed to have the best parts and the performance. But, you should remember that the earliest iPhones had the best parts in them.
  • What is the better one between Android phones and Apple phones when comparing the quality of arts?
  • Apple is the best phone with its parts.


The security of a smart device or a phone is a major factor that a buyer has to consider. When it comes to the latest Smart Phones such as iPhone, they have got the highest focus into them. Among the customers of Apple company, there are acts, politicians, CEOs of various companies, and almost every person in the world who represents their careers. They are going to need a special arrangement for their phones. That is what Apple company has been able to provide. They provide the security as well as other necessary updates to increase the data security. 

Although the permissions and other exposures of an app is a common thing in an Android phone, you will not have to face such things in an iPhone. More importantly, even if an app requires permission to perform any activity on your phone, you will be able to go to settings and see the time or the duration the particular permission has been requested. Among all other smartphone manufacturers, Apple company has been able to stick into the competition due to these reasons as well.

  • What are the security measures taken by the Apple Company?
  • If you wonder why apple iPhones are expensive, you must know that the iCloud, unique operating system, permission for apps, and even the inbuilt antivirus programs help you to get away from various risks.
  • How secured is my data in iPhone?
  • If you have an iPhone, that will be the best thing to happen to you in data security. You are free to enjoy the best data protection policies with your iPhone. You can upload your data to Apple server, the iCloud for the best protection as well.

Apple Iphone Has One Of The Epic Cameras

Apple iPhone has got the best camera among all brands. Although other claim they have the best camera quality stating the pixel r the zooming, Apple company has been able to provide the best camera setup through their various products. For example, Apple iPhone could provide the best performance by just using a small RAM of 512MB in the earliest times. When it comes to Samsung galaxy like phone models, they had to use 2Gb, 4GB and more memories onto their phones. But, the Apple iPhone had the best performance. Similar to this. Apple iPhone 13 pro max is considered as the last iPhone to come along with the best camera in an iPhone. Although it has 15MP camera, the specifications of the device were Aperture size: F1.5; Focal length: 26 mm; Sensor size: 1/1.65”; Pixel size: 1.9 μm.

Although there is nothing much to think of the specs of Apple iPhone, you will not have to compare it with the other brands as Apple iPhone camera stands far beyond the other brands. If you can multiply it by 10 at least, you will be able to convert it into other brands.

The Researching, This Is Mostly Why Apple Iphones Are Expensive

If you have been an Apple user for more than a couple of Apple phones, you must know how innovative they are. Although there is a struggle between Android and Apple over the latest features, Apple company has always won. 

The number of patients they have shown how strategic they are. According to Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple company, they have always tried to give something new people although it is about re-inventing. If you have a look at the Apple’s history, you will realize that other smartphone brands have copied apple products since the very beginning. For example, the smart notch was such a thought. What competitive brands tried to do was to introduce the smartphones with the highest screen to body ratio. When Apple Company tried to do that, not only the competitive brands but the customers criticized it. At present. Almost every smartphone manufacturer has been trying to do that.

The notch is not the only revolutionary thing Apple company conducted. The Apple company is being criticized for having a quad camera set up in the rear a swell. Although it is visible as a step, the research and the development requires lots of time and capital. Therefore, Apple company has happened to put the expenditure onto their customers. That is why apple iPhones are expensive as well.

  • How many patents do Apple company have in number?
  • It is said that Apple company has owned more than 72000 patents. Also, more than 55000 patents are used worldwide for various apple products.
  • why apple iPhones are expensive due to innovation?
  • Apple iPhones or any other Apple device has got various new features. Apple company has to expend money for researching, testing, and various processes. For example social and personal behavioral tests have been a concern of Apple company to find the best features. You have to bear those expenditures somehow. As a customer, you will have to pay that with the Apple device price.

They Show Of Unlike Any Other Smartphone Brand

One of the necessary things required to turn a typical brand into a luxury branding is the its rice. Apple has got everything else, the packaging, quality, and more features than any other brand. The most important thing is that Apple company doesn’t think of putting much budget on marketing as every celebrity has an iPhone and they are doing it. 

Literally, Apple phone has been made a luxury item by those people. There’re they think that the price can be increased as they want. That is why apple iPhones are expensive in another way. Although people imply to Apple company that the price is higher, Apple company has never dropped the price. Although Apple phones have become a thing of the poor as well as the rich, they never drop the price considering the actual price they can give.

  • What is the most expensive iPhone and how much is it?
  • Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond is the most expensive iPhone and it costs $48.5 Million. When coming to the typical apple iPhones, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has the highest price in the market. It costs $1,099/A$1,849.
  • Why did Peter Alisson’s Apple iPhone cost more than any other iPhone?
  • Peter Alisson had used 18 carrot gold to manufacture the 3G Kings Button.

They Provide Icloud And That Is One Of The Main Reasons Why Apple Iphones Are Expensive

As you already know you are not going to need a backup drive addition to iCloud. Since iCloud has the ability to store all your data including images, videos, memories, calendar events, and literally everything, you don’t have to go after flash drives or any other thing to store data. Simply Apple iCloud has been able to save billions of dollars of the Apple users by just introducing a backup solution. 

Although you have several apple devices, all it takes is just a couple of seconds to upload data into the servers. Since iCloud is as effective as any other backup solution, you don’t have to pay for other drives. When compared it with the Android or Google backups, the Apple iCloud is far ahead. More importantly, you will be  able  to copy and paste a text using your several devices a swell.

  • Must I use Apple iCloud?
  • Despite the amazing benefits of iCloud backing and uploading data for additional space, you can stay off the Apple iCloud with your iPhone. If you are satisfied with the limited space, that will not be a problem at all.

They Know You Buy Their Products Although How Much Is It

If you still don’t know why Apple iPhones are expensive, this is the simplest way to answer that. Apple company is an addictive company which means their products’ beauty can keep you attracted more and more. More importantly, they have introduced their OS as well as the hardware in iPhone along with a higher difference. For example, if you have to make a call, you will have to choose a different path when compared to an android phone owner. What makes you attracted is that. Along with sensors, cameras, and various gadgets in the iPhone, Apple company knows that you belong either to Android or the Apple category. If you are okay with the budget, there will be a 50% chance to sell one of their products to you a swell.

Another thing to remember is that Apple company sends their products yearly. Although the Apple 13 is sent to the market as the best product of theirs, they will add something more to that and send the Apple iPhone 14. Also, there will be special additions or versions for buyers. They all do these things to increase their profit as a sure fact. They know that you will purchase their products although how much they cost.  

After Service

Although it seems that this is a silly explanations it is not. Apple company extends more than 05% of their investments to set up new outlets for services. If you are an Apple user, you must already know that Apple company doesn’t send their accessories along with the iPhone. Therefore, the iPhone charger, headsets, data cables, and similar stuff should be purchased from Apple stores. Therefore, it is essential to maintain more shops for the maintenance as well as the accessory acquirement. 

Most of the smartphone brands are keeping higher earnings and profits through their outlets and dealerships which Apple is not doing. Although they make an income, they give their first priority to their custs0mers. another thing to remember regarding the After service expenditure is Apple has to compete against fake brands. For example, there are some smart watch brands that directly use the Apple logo. Apple company has to fight these things a swell. If you still wonder why apple iPhones are expensive, that will also be a reason for that.

  • How much time will it take to repair an iPhone?
  • Usually, it will take longer than 05 days. Since they send you iPhone a special process, you will have to wait till the end. If it takes longer than 05 days, you will be  able  to check the reason after providing the Apple ID or the invoice number.
  • How can I know that Apple repaired my phone?
  • You can simply check that by going to Settings > General > About . In the “Parts and Service History”, you will be able to see if Apple repair has been done to your phone with the replacement. 

Conclusion : 10 Reasons Why Apple Iphones Are Expensive

This article has explained 10 reasons why apple iPhones are expensive. If you are an Apple customer or a fan, you must have every right in this world to know why they are expensive or more expensive than other smartphone brands. If you read this article, you must know that not only their branding, but there are more reasons to make the iPhone more expensive than other brands.

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