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Why does my iPhone get hot? Facts Explained

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Apple is renowned for providing high-quality products that can facilitate smooth functioning for the users. When it comes to the rarest of incidents, some people wonder why does my iPhone get hot. If this sounds like you, the first thing we advise you is to don’t panic. There are several things you can do on your own to overcome this hassling situation. This article will let you know all the important details regarding the heating up of your iPhone.

First of all, you have to be aware that it is something out of the regularity; iPhones don’t usually become hot for no reason. An iPhone is more or less similar to a computer, and Apple has all the technology in the world to prevent these types of issues.   However, without cooling fans, it can be challenging for some units to function cool. But, unlike computers, it has got a highly responsive and efficient operating system that can handle the heating issues without letting it know to the users.

Why Does My iPhone Get Hot? Most Common Reasons

There can be various reasons for the iPhone heating problem. Software issues, hardware issues, and some of your own activities also can increase the heat of your iPhone. Here are some of the main contributing factors. 

It may be your battery

The battery is the most common reason for a heated iPhone.  As you know, the battery of an iPhone is a 24-hour working compartment of the phone. When it comes to life expectancy, the battery is the weakest cog of the chain. The more you use the battery, the more battery cells will come to an end. The end result is a battery that drains quicker than it was and obviously making the iPhone hotter.

Keeping too many Apps on the storage

Apps are the second most common reason to heat up your phone. Although your Apple iPhone has the ability to keep the heat down using certain apps, it won’t be feasible at all times. The best way to get rid of heating up is by closing the apps that you have finished using. Make sure you quit the app once you finish working, as the apps that run in the background are not going to help your course.

Environment Factors

If you happen to use your iPhone under the hot sun more often than not, it will apparently make the inner parts of the device become hot, and it will make the overall heat of the phone go up. Yes, these iPhones are no rookies, and they do have what it takes to bear such weather conditions. That said, it is advisable to limit iPhone usage in high-temperature environments. 

The casing can Increase the heat too

The casing ( of your iPhone also can play a pivotal role in terms of temperature. There are some materials that can absorb the heat. For example, if you have a casing in black color without any shiny surface, that will act as a heat absorbent. 

Also, it is important to let the heat go out of the phone regularly. There are some casings and pouches that don’t facilitate airflow in and out. If your casing blocks the charging port and the headset port that act as ventilation holes, you will have to change the casing.

Your phone’s display is vital

One of the features that drain the battery too much is the display. The more you keep the display on, the more the battery will drain. The end result is high battery drainage, eventually a heated phone. Also, you have to take care of the display settings that enable the display brightness. The automatic display adjustment helps you stay in full control of the battery efficiency, and it will help you reduce the heat of the device.

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How to prevent this?

There are lots of things that you can do as remedies to the “why does my iPhone get hot” issue. We hope you can understand some of the must-dos after reading the above section of the article. As an example, you can opt for a casing that does not block the small holes on the iPhone. In addition, below mentioned quick steps would let you control the heat production of your iPhone as well.

Try restarting the iPhone

The restarting of your phone will let the iPhone disable unnecessary background apps and clear some cache memory itself. Rebooting is a simple yet powerful method to kill bugs and errors, and it will help you in this situation.

Turn on the Airplane mode

Since the Airplane mode doesn’t operate any complicated app, you get the ability to see if it is something wrong with the apps. In the same time, you could come to a conclusion that the error is not on the iPhone’s software but a hardware-related issue. 

Manage Settings and Use Monitoring Apps

Turning on the auto-brightness and reducing the screen saver time are a few options that you can do. Since the display of your iPhone acts as a battery drainer, you will get some quick results. Other than the typical settings, you can use a third-party app to monitor the battery and the heat to get a better idea.


Alright, it is not cool to work with a hot iPhone! We all know that for a fact and it was the reason we had to write this article to help you with some troubleshooting methods. If none of these methods helped you, we think it’s time to seek the help of a professional to check the hardware of the iPhone. But, before you do that, try one by one the steps we elaborated on, you will definitely see some positive results. If you expect further assistance from us, please do not hesitate and comment on them below. Have a great day!

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