iTunes Artist Account, The Easiest Way To Become A Star

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If you have thousands of listeners, a successful social media campaign, and got the talent, there will be a whole new path ahead of you with an iTunes artist account. Being an artist is not the only gift. But becoming the owner of an iTunes artist account on a world-known streaming service will be a new step for your career. Like Justin Bieber made his path, why don’t you make your own path?  

Claiming Your Page It Is you who has followers

The easiest way to claim your audience is by showing off the number of followers you have got. Even if you are an artist or a manager, all you have to do is to prove who you are. If you can simply relate your Twitter, Facebook, TuneCore, or any other social network to be yours, the timing will not be a huge thing for iTunes Artist Account.

There is space on the application to state any kind of additional information of your. Therefore you can simply mention featuring websites or any other link of yours. The procedure is as simple as singing if you are a singer indeed. They will review and you can start singing and earning straight away.

Claiming Your Own Page

You have the ability to claim your artist page either from the App or the web. Also, it is just a matter of few minutes if you know the exact path. All you have to do is to log in to the website or connect using the app to get your own iTunes artist account.

iOS App

It is vital to have an Apple ID to verify the Artist Page yours. If you don’t have an Apple ID, you will have to create one from Signing into the Apple Music app using the Artists app on your iPhone is the first thing you should do.

Tapping the Artist’s permission is just a work of a second

You need to claim the right page stating it is you. To do that correctly, you should copy the iTunes Store artist page and paste it on the search bar. After hitting search, your artist page will appear. If you don’t have an artist page yet, you will have to launch the artist name on the search bar.

If you are on the right page, selecting an album of yours will take you to the next level, claiming your role.

As the final stage of reaching your iTunes artist account, you should fill empty fields, link social networks, distributors, or Shazam to the artist’s account.  If you provide more information and link more accounts, the review will be concluded quickly.

When claiming the artist page on the web, you have to visit instated of iOS Apple Music app using the browser. The remaining steps will remain the same.


After the submission of your claim, you will get to see that the status is “Pending” in Apple Music for artists. If you haven’t submitted enough details or provided false details, you will get an email. It will be stating the cause of rejection or if there is anything you have to submit.

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