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Best iPad Accessories 2022

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The value of owning an iPad is that you never run out of accessories. There are a lot of valuable cases, cables, adapters, styles, keywords, stands, and many other things to choose from. But what suits us best? Whether or not you bought the best iPad after our iPad guide, here’s more for you.

Zugu Case 

I took a lot of care to find the best case I used. Zugu has been making iPad cases for a long time, and each model has something different. Its buttons are easy to press, and it feels durable, with rigid bumper around the edges. There is a sizable lip sticking on the outside of the edges to protect the screen if it falls down. The cover is magnetized and it is shut. You can magnetically adjust the screen to eight different angles. It is the most stable iPad case I have used. That’s because its cover is rigid and large.

Because the case is magnetic, you can just stick the whole thing to a fridge and it stays secure. It’s well designed, it comes with an array of colors, it’s reasonably priced and there’s a spot for your Apple Pencil when it’s not charging. It’s hard to find fault here. And Zugu donates 10% of their profits to charitable causes like Children International.

Apple Pencil 

One of the useful things that you can add to your iPad is the Apple Pencil. This entire current lineup supports from Mini to Pro. With its imperceptible delay as the Pencil moves across the glass display, it is excellent for drawing. Just like a normal pencil, its lines fade when you press it down hard. Pencil and navigation are good for iPadOS. It is for those that have handwriting support in various search fields. Therefore, you don’t need to switch to the keyboard to type. Therefore, it is perfect for signing or marking up documents.

The first generation pencil has some drawbacks. There is no good stand to connect it to the iPad when you are not using it and you need to remove the cap and plug the end of the stylus into the iPad to charge it. And it likes to roll off on any surface. Apple fixed all these issues with their second generation. That is, it magnetically sticks to the top of compatible iPads and charges wirelessly. Currently, the base iPad is the only iPad that uses the first gen pencil.

Spigen Rugged Armor Pro 

Spigne’s folio case is of lower quality than Apple’s official cover. But it protects your entire tablet. There is a bumper cover and a tough back cover to cover the edges. This back cover is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and polyurethane leather. Also, there is a magnetic latch to keep the folio closed. You can convert the display cover to a stand here. That way you can keep everything up. There are two angles for that. There is a place to put the Apple pencil. But the second generation stylus is paired and charged. But unfortunately, when you cover your display, it automatically shuts down.

Twelve South HoverBar Duo 

This will clear your space taken by the pesky stand and you can adjust the angle and height of the stand. This is provided by Twelve South HoverBar Duo. It is very easy to remove the slate. The clamp here is slim and does not require much clearance. You can easily attach it to shelves, kitchen counters, or bed frames. 

Twelve South also includes a HoverBar stand that can raise your iPad’s screen fairly high. It supports base iPads and 12.9 inch iPad Pro. If you feel a little loose because of this high, you can tighten it with a hex key.

Satechi Aluminum Desktop Stand 

Applying a folio case to the iPad can be annoying. That’s why I recommend this stand in Satechi. It has held up my 12.9 inch iPad for over a year now. There are two hinges to tweak the height and the viewing angle of the tablet. It is protected from sliding by the rubber base. Its light weight makes it easy for you to carry.

Logitech Combo Touch 

Cursor support that came to the iPad made it a very capable computer. But if you plan to get work done on your tablet, you’ll need a built-in keyboard, trackpad, and kickstand. This Combo touch provides you with all this, you can ditch it when you don’t need it and it also has a kickstand case. This whole package is fairly slim with the same fabric texture. It does not fall off the iPad and does not wobble while we are typing. The backlit keys here will help you if you work in the dark. Best of all, it connects via the Apple Smart Connector. So you don’t have to worry about Bluetooth or charging.

Sketchboard Pro 

It is an amazing experience if you can draw on a 12.9 inch iPad. If you are sketching with its size, it will be very easy for you. But it is not so if it is a small iPad. Then it can be a very strange experience. Sketchboard Pro is the solution. It expands your desired area. Therefore, you can doodle comfortably from anywhere i.e. bed, couch, or on a desk. It has legs and you can make it vertically. 

It supports your old or new iPad. If you upgrade to iPad separately, you can change the centerpiece. It has an integrated handle for easy toting. Also, there is a space to plug in the cable while drawing.

Harbor London Magnetic Envelope Sleeve 

This is a rare and elegant way to protect your iPad. There is full-grain leather on one side and 100% wool on the other side. It is available for base iPad Pro, Air version. It has a leather loop for added security to the Apple Pencil. There is a slot for a USB-C charging port on one side and it can double as a stand. You can only get one angle.

Lamicall Gooseneck iPad Holder 

The biggest problem with the Twelve South arm is that it is not very adjustable. The Lamicall Gooseneck iPad Holder solves this problem. You can change this as you wish. Its length will change to different angles. It does not loosen up at any time. Here the base is a clamp. Therefore, you can attach it to a desk or a nightstand. It’s great for watching movies or shows from bed. The downside is more wobbly when you tap the screen.

Logitech K380 

If you can’t fuss with keyboard cases, a bluetooth keyboard is just the thing. It comes from pink. You can connect up to three devices and quickly switch between them. It is slim and portable as well as light in weight. It is powered by two AAA batteries. It is valid for up to 4 months.

Apple Magic Trackpad 2 

If you need a touchpad, I would buy Apple’s thin and light Magic Trackpad 2. There is no physical button here. Apple has provided a touch sensor to give you pressure in different ways. You can also use iPadOS gestures. It is slim and can be carried around with you. It can be paired via Bluetooth and is rechargeable with a lighting port.

Zagg Messenger Folio 2 

Even if you spend $330 on your cheapest iPad, you’ll have to spend more than $100 to get a case. Then comes Zagg’s Messenger Folio 2. You can get great key travel for a satisfying typing experience with a wonderful, compact keyboard cover. There is a dedicated key that goes to home. 

When you close this, your iPad screen will turn off. There is only one viewing angle. You have to charge it via USB-C. It connects via bluetooth. You can see the remaining battery life on the widget. It is only compatible with 7th-, 8th-, and 9th-gen and 3rd-gen iPad Air.

Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub 

Do you use your iPad Air or Pro for school or other work? That means you definitely need more ports. That means an HDMI port is needed to hook up the tablet to a 4K screen or a headphone jack to use a corded headphone. This Satechi is a hub. So you have an HDMI port, USB-A, 3.5mm audio port and SD as well as MicroSD card reader, and a 60-watt USB-C charging port. And it works like a stand. So you don’t need a folio case or a separate stand. 

This hub connects to an iPad Pro or iPad Air via USB-C. You cannot change the viewing angle here. It’s lightweight and doesn’t take up much space in your backpack.

More types of dongles 

If you’re looking for a standard dongle style hub or one without an integrated stand, the devices below will fit the bill. 

Twelve South StayGo Mini USB-C Hub- It’s only 60$. Here you can see everything you need. It’s a bit tall. But it is narrower than a Zippo lighter. You also get a headphone jack, a USB-A port, an 85-watt USB-C port with pass-through charging, and a 4K HDMI port.

Another variant is the HyperHyperDrive 6-in-1 Dongle. It is available for 80$. It has a USB-C port, USB-A, SD card slot, MicroSD card slot, 3.5-mm audio, and a 4K 60-Hz HDMI. You can stick it to your iPad Air, Mini or Pro. You need a cable if your iPad has a case. Remember to unplug it when you are not using it as this will slowly drain your battery. 

You can get the Satechi USB-C Hybrid with SSD Enclosure for $90. The four-port hub here is a little bigger. But it is a good solution. When the aluminum cover pops off you can find a slot for the M.2 SATA solid state storage drive slot. That means you get access to an external SSD with two USB-A jacks, a 100 watt USB-C pass through charging port, and a 4K HDMI.

You can get the Hyper USB-C tp 2.5 Gbps Ethernet Adapter for $50. Most people don’t need an Ethernet port on the iPad. But if you get some cloud gaming for your tablet, you need the fastest speed to get the best quality. This USB-C will give you a download speed of 630MBps.

OWC Envoy Pro Electron SSD 

The portable NVME of these OWCs is very fast. And with its aluminum build, it feels extremely durable. It is IP67 water resistant. Therefore, even if it falls into water, it will not damage your files. But it is slightly bigger than the Altoids tin. That is, it is not tiny. The OWC features a USB-C to USB-C cable. And this cable has USB-A. So you can find the connectivity you need. The storage here starts from 240 GB. But you can get it up to 2 terabyte model.

Anker Nano Pro 

Apple itself does not produce charging adapters for their iPads. But you don’t need to until you buy one for yourself. I recommend Anker’s tiny adapter. You can charge your iPad quickly with the 20 watts here. But it doesn’t come with a cable. 

Nimble PowerKnit USB-C to Lightning Cable 

Apple’s charging cable is not the end if you are very strict with the tech. These USB-C to lighting and USB-C to USB-C Nimble cables are great. It carries 60 watts of power. And this is made of certified recycled plastic and aluminum. And these are affordable. And because of the knit fabric design, it is a very attractive cable. Available in 1-, 2-, or 3-meter sizes.

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