Apple Company CEO Role For Its Success

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Apple’s CEOs have been the pioneers to lead the company to  its success. This content will explain everything you should know about Apple Company CEO role.

Apple company has been raised as one of the leading companies in the world by its management. Among the management, the toppest level, CEO ha been conducting their roles embracing to achieve several milestones as well as winning the challenges. The most important thing about the Apple Company CEO role is its affect on the company’s success. It is a known thing that the CEO is not famous for making revolutionary changes. When it comes to the Apple Inc., things haven’t been the same. This article will explain what you should know about the Apple Company CEO role as a fan.  

What is the Apple Company CEO role?

The role of the Apple company’s CEO is not just making decisions. He has been actively participating in lots of other things such as researching, introducing the latest technology, and many more. For doing that, the CEO is revenued by the company in millions. Along with the business plan of the company, the CEO should produce specific policies, strategies, and plans for the sake of the company. 

The setting up of the goals and short term objectives is one of the key duties held by the company CEO. The price for these duties is also not a short one. According to the news, the present CEO of the company is believed t pay more than $14.7 USD per year. Also, the salary is the largest one that paid to a CEO in the world companies.

According to Apple Company CEO role, it is clearly visible that the Apple CEO was once a member in the research and manufacturing as early as the 1970s.  The post had been established as a formality. When identifying the duties of the earliest CEO of the company you will get to understand that.  When coming to the lateral stages of the company, the CEO has been made into a state who performs specific duties. 

The Main Duty Of Apple Company CEO

The main duty of the Apple CEO is to act as the CEO of board directors. He has to approve or reject the decisions made by the directors. It is no secret that the CEO is responsible for suggesting and approving some revolutionary decisions ,made during the last few years, such as AR and VR specs, Apple car, and the AirPod.  The responsibility of heading the Macintosh division is also held by the Apple CEO. Not only approving and disapproving suggestions but, making the changes in the staff, hierarchy, product lines, and giving up projects is also up to the CEO of Apple company.

Although Apple company didn’t have a marketing approach until the mid of 2000s, they are taking high measures to overcome competitors as well as products in the market. The most of the responsibilities have been assigned to the CEO of the company.  The management of the supplier relationships, establishing new branches in foreign countries and lots of marketing decision are taken by the CEO of the Apple company. 

According to the most of the Apple fans, the company has been keeping a name for surprising them, which means the confidentiality is one of the key roles of the company. The same responsibility has been assigned to the CEO of the company.

The Representing Of The Company Is A Key Duty From Apple Company CEO Role

As the highest graded official in the company, the CEO has to represent the company for official events. Since those events are responsible for making decisions as well as coming into the agreements, the CEO gets the power to make them on the moment itself. 

Not only financially important decisions but Global conferences, summits, and release events are among the events that the Apple company CEO should take part in. It was clearly visible that branding of the company image is one of the key duties held by the Apple company CEO. In the last couple of decades, Apple company itself has been trying to make their CEO as a brand to send messages into the pole. Although the present or the earlier CEO’s of Apple company could not do it as much as Steve Jobs, that was clearly indicating.

The Fund Allocation Was Crucial

The funding and allocating special money for the departments is up to the CEO of the company. Through this step, it has been expected to identify the potentials led by each department and conduct special allowances for the hard work to get more results. Although most of the companies had a special officer for that, the fund allocation duty was available for the company CEO from the Apple Company CEO role. Even in the budgeting, the company CEO is given the freedom to take executive decisions. 

If there is a confidential project going on, the company CEO will have the authority to keep the project under his arms. That power has been questioned by lots of media as well as competitors in around the world since the beginning of the Apple Company CEO role. But, the CEO has never forgotten any of his responsibilities or duties this whole time. The best example is their present CEO, Tim Cook, who has been working in the company for a decade.

How Is the CEO of Apple Chosen?

Seniority of the company and the favor of the company directors choose the CEO of Apple company. If there is a candidate who lacks one of those two things, he will not be able to become the CEO. Tim Cook was chosen as the company’s CEO as he was working as the chief of operating division and he did have the approval of board of directors. If the seniority of the chosen candidate is higher, it means he has got experience in the company as well. When considering the last man to be elected as the CEO, Tim Cook, he had spent more than 10 years in IBM, and Compaq as a top-level management officer.

The Leadership style of the Apple CEOs

The leadership style may vary from one CEO to another. Autocratic and the Democratic are the main two leadership styles used by the CEOs in the company. When it comes to the mostly used one, autocratic leadership, Steve Jobs could get the full use of it. According to the ideas of the fans, the company would not be as it is now if Steve Jobs didn’t take things into his hands.  

Steve Jobs tried to identify the thing with each detail and brought the thing in to a higher position as they were. Even before Steve Jobs, Michel Scott, and Mike Markkula were also using this style. Their main intention was to bring the company into an independent state without the participation of the employees in decision making role. The best example was the executive decision to fire 20 employees from the company in Christmas day taken by the first CEO of Apple Company.

The investment ran a major role to run the company in Autocratic leadership style. The best example to be taken was the struggle between the Sculley and Jobs who were trying to grab the CEO title of the apple company. As it had supposed to happen, not only Steve jobs lost the struggle but had to leave the company due to that. Although Steve Jobs had come into the company at the middle of the 1990s decade, the main power he had was his branding and the experience.

Things changed when the power into the hands of Tim cook, the present CEO of the company. He is popular for maintaining a democratic leadership that takes the idea of not only the directors but the employees in the Apple company. Although he is known as a workaholic as a reputed title, his behavior is a clam one.


  • How much would have Steve Jobs earned if he was alive?
  • Steve Jobs, one of the most dedicated CEO in the Apple company would have earned more than $40 million if he was alive. Not only the salary he could have claimed but the agreements with other companies and his experience could have been sold to a higher price. As a total, he could have become the owner of more than $65 worth in 2021.
  • Was Steve Jobs a good CEO?
  • According to most of the specialists, Steve Jobs was not only the ultimate innovator but the best CEO the world could have seen. It is no doubt that his vision and mission could bring the company into the state where it is now.
  • How many CEOS have worked in Apple company?
  • They have been 07 CEOs working in the company and Tim Cook is the present CEO of the company.
  • What is the average salary of Apple CEO?
  • Tim cook gets an annual salary of about $15 million per month. But, this doent include his consultation and his personal work. Along with them, he might have ebene earning more than $20 million per month.
  • Who is the highest-paid CEO in the world?
  • Elon Musk is the highest paid CEO in the world. It is said that his net worth is about $178 billion USD and he gets a monthly salary of about $10 Million per month. This doesn’t include his personal work as well.
  • What is the leadership style of Apple CEO at present?
  • Apple company’s current CEO’s leadership style is democratic.  The present CEO, Tim Cook is a rushing CEO who focuses on finishing work at the given timeline. But, he make sure that he is going through a democratic leadership to instruct and get the outcome from its employees.

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