10 Facts That You Need To Know About Your Apple Pencil

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One of the fanciest things Apple Company has been able to deliver to its users is the Apple Pencil. You might have been able to get an amazing experience with their product. Other than drawing simple and straight lines, there are plenty of stunning things that the Apple Company has wanted you to do. For example, if you are not aware of the Tilt to shade and press for pressure like basics, you might have missed lots of things.

This article will let you have some of the vital things that you may find impressive regarding the Apple Pen.

  • Tracing A Paper

If you think more creatively, you will be able to bring a whole new world of copying thanks to the Apple pencil. You may use the pencil to trace a special picture or something you need to copy to the iPad. What you need to do is to place the paper on the iPad and start drawing. The pencil and the iPad will do the rest.

  • Navigation Is One Of The Things

Most Apple pencil users forget that the pencil is not only a drawing tool but a navigational tool. 

Browsing web pages, inputting letters, using apps, and playing games are a few of the things that the pencil can do. When it comes to the keyboard, the pencil will be the best tool to type and send messages.

  • Palm Will Not Block Your Task

One of the most irritating things related to the Apple iPads was the difficulty in writing. Since the palm is recognized as a part of the writing process, the ys=users had to struggle when writing long notes. But, the Apple Pencil rejects your palm as every Apple user had wished for.  When a user is writing for too long, the resting of the hand had been quite difficult in the earlier apple iPads. But, thanks to Apple Pencil, you may write as much as you want.

  • The More Pressure Goes The More Thickness Occurs

Although it is about the Apple Pencil we are talking about, this feature is almost graphical. If you put more pressure on the pencil, the lines will be thicker. A user will be able to save lots of time due to not having to adjust the line thickness manually.

  • Scribble is an Ability

As one of the most appraised features for iPADOS14, you will be able to draw anything on the iPad. When it comes to Apple Pencil, the feeling is also more realistic. You can write anything on the iPad as a scribble. While having a safari, going on a boat trip, flying, or even on the bed, you will find the scribble feature more useful; to satisfy your mind.

  • Drawing Straight Lies

It is not a hard thing to do if you know how to do it properly.  Different modes have been introduced for Apple pencil. If you see the ruler icon on the display that will be the one you should go for when drawing straight lines. Tapping the ruler will activate that tool and all you have to do is to rotate and draw lines using the pencil.

  • Shading Is Easy

Apple Pencil has been created as a virtual tool that is capable of having the nature of a real pencil. As a pencil lover, you might know how much it’s important to have the shade. The shade is a dedicated feature for the Apple Pencil and you may get the shade by tilting the pencil. When it comes to drawing shadows and similar shapes, this will be a useful feature given by Apple Pencil.

  • Perfect Shapes

What if you can draw perfect shapes rather than drawing them in straight lines? Yes, if you are using iPAdOS14 for the Apple Pen, this feature will be available for your preference.  Since iPAdOS can identify the perfect shape for the drawing that you have done, you will be able to use the perfect shape instead of the half geometrical shape you have drawn.  All you have to do is to draw the shape, and then holding the pen had down for a second. Then the iOS will do the rest for you.

  • Replacing The Pencil Tip

As a child who has had an awesome childhood, you might like to recall the memories when you wanted to replace the tip of your pencil. When it comes to Apple EPncil, wearing and damages might cause you to replace the tip. The pencil tip can easily be replaced with a tip from the market. You may remove the tip by screwing the main body. Also, the price is not a higher one for the tip. A set of four tips just costs $19 in the Apple Stores.

  • Checking The Battery Level

Although you know that the pencil can retain its energy up to 12 hours after the charge, you might need to know the battery status of the Apple pencil. The best way to know the battery level is to go to the battery widget. In that settings, you will find that there is a special section for the Apple pencil along with the iPad.  


Apple Pencil is not just a pencil but a whole new world if you think more creatively. The more you work, the more you will discover with the pencil. However, you must keep in mind that some of the things you need to do to save the pencil. Replacement of the pencil tips at the right time, storing in the right place, and charging the pencil regularly to have an efficient use are a few of them.

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