The Death of Steve Jobs [Reason for Steve Jobs’s Death]

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It has passed several years since the death of Steve Jobs. This article is about all the things you should know about his death as an Apple Lover. Similar to most of the things related to Steve Jobs, his death is a special one. The way he died, the things he did before his death, the cause of death, and his last words on the death, and there are many things an Apple fan should know. Although it has passed almost a decade since his death, worldwide people have got many things from his life. Similar to his amazing life, the death of Steve Jobs is a tale to listen.

When He Discovered the Cause of Death

Steve Jobs discovered that he was suffering from cancer. Known as pancreatic cancer (, adenocarcinoma, it was something that anyone could have been killed within months. But, what he had got was a special form of pancreatic cancer. It is known as a neuroendocrine tumor as well. Most of the medical institutes had stated that Steve Jobs could have died in 2003 if it was a typical pancreatic cancer. More living probability, high durability, and even the 100% recovery rate were few characteristics of the cancer type that Steve had.

Steve went through a Whipple procedure to remove the head of pancreatic cancer. The purpose of this was to remove the part of the bile duct and a part of the intestine. This happened in 2004. Both he and the operating parties believed that everything was under control as the cause had been removed. After that, Steve Jobs’s character could get closed to the whole world with his amazing products. There was not a clue about cancer, and everything seemed fine. But, in 2009, Steve Jobs conducted a liver transplant. 

Then, the world was suspected that he had not fully recovered from cancer. Then the world had known more about this person than in 2003. His followers, customers, and depending parties had got to know that his status was not good. Even if he transplanted a liver, it is not up to doctors to protect him. The same condition may apply to him again. His life was depending on immune-suppressing anti-rejection drugs, so the doctors could not do much about that.

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He Could Have Changed Some of the Decisions

As a person with a biography, lots of things were revealed after the death of Steve Jobs. Walter Isaacson has stated that Steve had frustration about his treatment decisions. According to Steve’s idea, Steve had delayed the treatments for nine months. 

Along with his work, Jobs had delayed the operation with slight treatments. If he wanted to get the operation conducted in 2003, Steve Jobs could have been alive even today. Walter Isaacson had mentioned, “If Steve had the idea how dangerous the cancer was, he would have gone for the operation immediately. But, what he wanted was the success.”

But, Steve’s Wife, Laurene Powell, had told that Steve was not ready to expose his body and open it. When Jobs was ready to take the treatments, cancer had spread too much. Medical expenses were not a hard thing for Steve as he had spent $100,000 for the DNA sequestration after those nine months. Its purpose was to find a specific way to treat Steve, which was not useful with the huge spreading of cancer.

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When Did The Death Of Steve Jobs Happen? 

His death happened on October 5, 2011. He was just 56 years when his death happened. His cancer had been discovered in the Kidneys, and he had got spreading cancer all over his body due to pain in the stomach. Jobs had got the suspicion of having stones. Since it happened a couple of years ago, he thought the same at this time. 

When it comes to the scanning, doctors confirmed the lack of functioning of his kidneys. Steve had known that his liver was full of cancer when it was removed as well. Therefore, the recurring of the cancer was just an incident. The problem was how long it would take. However, he could live more than eight years since the identification of pancreatic cancer.

If he lived, he would have been just 67 years at present. Prior to his death, Steve had stepped down as the CEO of Apple company as well. The reason for the resignation was the disability to meet up with the company’s goals. In his last moment, his wife and four children had joined him. Even Lisa Brennan Jobs was among them, whom Jobs got from a previous relationship.

What Were His Last Words?

Indeed, Steve Jobs, the owner of one of the embracing mind holders’ last moment, was a satisfactory one. He had looked at his sister, his wife, and four children. Mona Simpson, Jobs’s sister, had stated that Steve’s last moment was a monosyllables one. He had repeated three times. All he had mentioned was “Oh Wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow.” Since he had been satisfied with all the things he had committed in his life, what he wanted was confirmation from his family. Since they all looked fine, that might have been the confirmation from Steve Jobs.

When it comes to unofficial social media and unconfirmed news sources, there were several rumors. Most of them had stated that Steve warned of going after money. Also, wealth is nothing compared to life was the most popular one. Since Steve Jobs could not keep his life after all this work, he was worried about money, which was one of those rumors. But, any single person, either from his family or Apple Co., had not confirmed it. Even his wife had confirmed that the death of Steve Jobs was a calmly one. 

But, according to Walter Isaacson, Steve’s biographer, he had had a frustration about one thing. It was about the way he had raised his children.  Walter Isaacson had remembered Steve’s memories to the media “I am not happy how I cared for my children. I was not there for them. I could have done more things for them. All I wanted to do was to let them know who I am. Although there are millions of people who know me, my children don’t know me”.

The Conclusion about Death of Steve Jobs

Although rumors are true or false, what he did was more important than his last moment. Steve Job’s name is a special one today. The thing he did will become legendary in the future as the person who invented iPhone. Most importantly, he had cancer in his body when he made iPhone!

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