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10 Apple Company Secrets

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Apple Company’s branding is associated with its own secrets. This article will explain 10 apple company secrets that you should know.

When talking about the secrets, you must know how Apple products are keeping them. When iPhone was introduced, no one had thought of such features in a phone. Secretes had been parts of the Apple company since the very beginning as well. Even at present, several rumors are spreading regarding their secret projects such as Apple car, Apple VR technology, and many more. When it comes to apple company secrets, there are several secrets that you need to know as an Apple user or even as a fan.

They do not test their devices with User Experience

The testing is an essential part of any devices that is sent to the, market. For example, if you get to use a Samsung Smartphone, that will come after thousands of user experience hours. Not only its hardware experience but the OS and lots of things have been checked and tested before sending. 

Although Apple Company does it, they don’t conduct a user experience testing period for their devices. As one of the apple company secrets, they have got their own reasons for that. The first reason is they release lots of features along with an Apple device. Another thing is they don’t mind having user negative experience as that is in their policies, not finding what people need. Although to is a bit harsh call, it will not change soon.

Apple Hide their Worth as well as the income

According to sources, Apple company is among the world’s largest economies. When it compared the economies of the countries in Asia, you might think it is higher. Of course it is. But, the most important thing is that the Apple company has been able to record their income $300,000 every minute. Also, it is higher than the circulating money of US treasury. Although Apple has the highest value in its shares, they don’t pretend to be the best. However, Apple company has expended their true values for tax-paying and other matters. What they don’t do is to promote their income to promote their products as their products are hugged by Apple fans.

  • What is the revenue of Apple company in the year 2021?
  • The Apple revenue in the year 2021 was 285 USD billions which is more than their previous year’s revenue 2020, 274 Billion USD. However, it is not one of apple company secrets.
  • What is the Apple product that brought that much of revenue to the company?
  • Apple iPhone is the branding of the Apple company. Although there are revolutionary products such as Apple watch, Apple iPod, and more, Apple iPhone ha she highest sales per year.

Apple Is Not Ashamed Of Recruiting Indians

Indians are popular due to several reasons. It is visible that they don’t demand themselves in the job market as they tend to work for the last salary they take. Also, the quality of their work has been a debatable factor all over the world due to that. According to Apple sources, one of three engineers employed in the company is an Indian. 

It is not a secret that even the CEO chairs are held by some Indians in few of the world’s, most known companies such as Google. Since there can be a misunderstanding for the users who tend to buy Apple product Apple company is keeping this among the apple company secrets.

Apple Company Doesn’t Trust Their Employees

One of the essential things Apple keeps in their mind is to avoid leaks. They take several actions to avoid the leakage of their valuable information. The projects, ongoing patent processes, and the new agreements are among the top secrets they try to protect. As a user fact, those information has to be handed over to the employees whom apple hire. 

Although they do, the precautions are taken by Apple most of the times. Although the employee is a newly recruited one or a senior one, Apple provide fake projects along with the real one. If they leak, Apple company will take those this into the consideration and the relevant employees will be fired. According to Apple fans, they love seeing these kind of thing as Apple Company secrets are saved along with these kinds of fulfillment.

Don’t Smoke Near Apple computers

Smoking near the electric devices might have not been one of your concerns as there is not an effect to the warranty. When coming to the Apple computers, they don’t want you to smoke near a computer and they never say a word about it. Although you get a warranty card, you might have not read it. 

If you read it carefully, you will see that the warranty period will be cancelled if you smoke near your Apple computer. As Apple computer has stated only a couple of ties, the Apple computers may get affected by your smoking due to the smoke. More importantly, there have been thousands of cases that caused conflicts regarding the smoking habit as well. Since customers had no idea about the Smoking issue, the warranty had not been granted by the company. As one of the apple company secrets, you must remember as a first priority a swell.

Samsung is One of Apple’s Partners

As an Apple iPhone owner who operates his phone with iOS you might have had fights with your Android owned friends. Among the brands that produce Android phones, Samsung is a globally known company. According to some people Apple has the best hardware while Samsung has their own Smart phone branding. But, most of the people don’t know that Samsung provides the retina display for Apple iPods and they are doing that even at present. The most important thing is that Apple iPhone also has got some hardware from Samsung company. Among all other apple company secrets, this has been a secret until very recently.

  • Where are the companies from whom apple take parts?
  • The companies from whom apple take their parts are located Malaysia, India, Korea, Czech, Singapore, and Thailand. It is said that there are at least 09 different countries where the apple part manufacturing companies are located.
  • Are there more products in Apple company that get parts from other companies?
  • Of course yes. You might not know that even the technology has been a major concern of Apple company. For example, Apple company is seeking the technological assistance from world know Automation brand Hyundai fro producing the Apple car.
  • From Whom apple takes 5G technology?
  • Rumors say that Apple company will take 5G technology from TSMC, one of the 5-nanometer producing companies in the world. However, it is not one of the highly kept apple company secrets.

Apple Don’t want to reduce Apple iPhone price

 One of the bitter truths a swell as apple company secrets is they don’t want to reduce Apple iPhone price. usually, a company ahs a good history and a bad history. As an Apple use, you must know that they use technology, introduce more features, and do lots if things you would like. That is a reason for them to be succeeded in the Smart device manufacturing industry as well. 

If you have a look at the Apple history, you must know that Apple company has got a bad patch due to their increased devices prices. Apple company had to cancel some of their products as well. When it comes to the present day, they have been able to evolve themselves without minding the increased price. They know that their customers have the desire to their products although the price just goy doubled. Another thing to remember under apple company secrets is that they try to maximize their profit by dropping some parts from the Apple devices. For example, you will have to pay more for the charger. The environment protection, eco life, and lots of things are put into the front in the name of price increasing.

  • Why Apple company doesn’t reduce their prices?
  • Apple company doesn’t stop manufacturing early versions. Therefore, they don’t drop the price of the newly introduced Apple products. As they have more upcoming products in the batch, they would not drop the prices as well.

The Job Competition is At Highest Level

As one of the leading company in the world, you will not be able to be an employee in Apple Company. According to sources, it is said that the entry will be easier if you try for Harvard. The best exam is the situation when more than10,000 people applied for a newly opening Apple store in Manchester and only 200 were chosen for that. The chance of getting the job is just 2%. Also, it has been a thing to be amazed as well as one of the apple company secrets they don’t want others to know. As Apple company sees, if people feel that he employment is a difficult thing with the Apple company, the banding will get damaged. According to employees who work in Apple, they could have got into the CIA from the same effort they tried to get into apple.

  • Are there job interviews when applying for the Apple company?
  • Yes. Although these interviews are among the apple company secrets, they will be the toughest one you share. According to limited sources, it is said that Apple company would follow various smart strategies to check the skills as well as knowledge of the employees along with the educational qualifications. When it comes to checking the reliability, Apple company provides fake projects to test the employees.
  • Why has Apple company got the highest demand for job interviews?
  • As the very first thing, the Apple company’s success is the reasons. Also, the company has got the highest job stability n the world when compared to even US government jobs.

Apple company Think That People Are Stupid

You might think that it is a lie but, it is not. As Apple company has been thinking, people don’t have a specific need when buying products for their lives. Not only smart phones but almost every product in the world has this nature as Apple thinks. 

As Steve Jobs had mentioned, “People don’t have an idea about the things what they need. They will take whatever we give them and that makes us making no marketing research”. Not only that, “We are not driven by people’s expectations and we make products that drive their expectations” is another thing he mentioned. Since people are not conscious about the products they need, Apple company has been giving their product to them since the very beginning. What they do is to add lots of technology and give it to them.

If you have a look at yourself, you will realize that Apple company has been able to fool even you. They send a smartphone that you never asked for. Even though billions of people asked for a feature, Apple company would not consider it to be added to their new products as a sure thing. Only an extreme stupid can tolerate those things.

  • Has Steve Jobs been friendly with people?
  • According to most of people, Steve jobs ha snot been friendly to them. That is why he had to get fired from apple as well. Not only Steve, but most of the administration is believed to be senseless. If you have a look at Apple’s interviews, you will realize it. Also, it is not one of the apple company secrets as people know it.

The Naming Is A Silly Work Fro The Very Beginning

Although there are stories behind the logo designing, most people have the belief that Steve Jobs put it as he really liked Apple. According to some reliable sources, the back end story of Apple logo is a made up story by the apple company as they thought it would affect the image of the company, That is why they sooner went to the upgrades of the typical Apple logo within the next couple of years. 

As one of the apple company secrets, not only the logo but most of the naming has been followed by silly thoughts. The simple “I” letter had been added by the company to indicate the ability to connect to the internet. Not only that, but the naming of the iPod had been followed by a chilies thought. After watching the 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Freelance writer Vinnie Chieco had thought of putting that name to their new product. Although the product itself has come a long way from the very beginning along with its name, the naming incident has been a silly one. That is why it has been one of the apple company secrets.

Conclusion : 10 Apple Company Secrets

This article has explained 10 apple company secrets you might have never known. Although you had known the rumors, now you know what exactly has happened in the background. It is important to know that you dot have to underestimate the Apple company due to these se stories as some of the secrets cause to increase the appetite for the company for anyone who is willing to buy Apple products. Although some of them may bring a bad image to you, the viral image has been a positive one for not only you but many more all around the world. That is why you read this article a swell. 

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