07 Amazing Things To Do With Your iPhone

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You can do wonderful things using your iPhone. Here are 07 Amazing Things to do with your iPhone. They will astonish you for sure.

What makes an iPhone and an Android device are not the hardware content they have. Even if the hardware compact could be overrun of an Apple iPhone, there is no way to overrun the amazing OS of the Apple iPhone. Here are 07 Amazing Things to do with your iPhone’s Operating system. They will remind you how lucky you are to have an Apple iPhone.

Use Different text sizes for apps

Apps are universal which means, your device can identify it in any form in any app. Literally, you should be able to adjust the size of the fonts in your phone as well as different types of apps. As an Android user, you will not be able to change the font color easily. But, that feature has been facilitated as one of the Amazing Things to do with your iPhone. You can follow Settings app, go to Control Center and scroll down until you find the option labeled as Text Size. When you are going to open an app, you will be asked to set the font size. If you are tired of that, you will have to follow the same route to turn that off.

It will remind you where you have been in the lifetime

One of the Amazing Things to do with your iPhone is to track your previous locations. Simply, you will be reminded where you have been since the moment you activated your iPhone. It stores every location you went and it contains maps as well as other necessary details for your reference. More importantly, you can check that by going to go to settings, privacy, location services, system services, and check out the “frequent locations”. You will be astonished by your phone for sure.

It Will increase the number of shortcuts along with the Home Button

As you know, your iPhone is one of the smartest devices in the world. The more it gets easier to use devices, the smarter it becomes. Shortcuts are crucial when talking about the smartness of a device. When it comes to iPhone, you might know how smart it is as well. You are free to change the shortcut for your home button a swell. After triplets of home button clicks, you can set what to open or what to do. You will find the particular option at the “Accessibility Shortcut.” As well.

It has a levelling tool

Even if you are satisfied with your devices compass tool, it has got a whole new level since the beginning. As one of the Amazing Things to do with your iPhone the leveler tool will let you know if you are on a flat surface. For example, it is typical to feel that that the second floor you are currently sitting on Is not as flat as it seems. Then you can check it by putting your iPhone on the floor after turning on the leveler tool. You will find hundreds of things with this tool.

Copy a text from an image

Not only your iPhone, but, its camera has got lots of Amazing Things to do. You can simply turn on the camera to capture a text from a particular paper or a sign board. For example, if you want to copy a note from your friend, you don’t have to re-write it using your hand but taking a photo will be quote enough. You can do this by choosing the select text tool on the latest Apple iOS 15.  Since you can find the other option, pasting right next to copy text, you can do amazing things. This feature is not just useful when you want to copy a text but in many ways. For example, when you want to translate a particular text on a signboard, then copy and paste tool will be gorgeous.

You can block ads when you see while laying games

One ftwh worst thing about having an Android is its advertisement. Not only while playing a game, but when you are using an essential app, you will have to see ads. But, when it comes to Apple iPhone, you have been relived with that. You don’t have to see ads if you don’t like to see them. More importantly, you dot have to root your iPhone like you should do in on an Android phone. All you have to do is to turn your iPhone into Airplane mode. Then after you will not see any ad.

The Airplane Mode is to save the battery

The battery has been an issue for an iPhone user for like forever. You can simply turn on your phone to the airplane mode and start saving your battery. It is important to remember that the Airplane mode has been designed not just for a person on an airplane but when you are running out of battery.

Conclusion : 07 Amazing Things to do with your iPhone

although what version of iPhone device you are using at present, you will be babel to enjoy the feature that have been mentioned in the article. It will be better if you remember that when you go for the latest version, you will have a modified version of the same feature. It means, the higher you go with the version, the higher the particular feature’s service will be.

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