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Do you know Apple AirTags? It is on

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Apple AirTags are going to be another amazing product that can make lots of things easy for you. This article is about them.

As an Apple product user, you know how to locate your other devices. No matter your iPad is under the table or on the table, you can locate it using the other Apple devices. All you have to keep is just one devices to do that. What if you need to find your lost backpack? Although it is easy to find, there can be difficulties when it comes to the smaller accessories you have. That is why Apple has gone for Apple AirTags, tags that can indicate their location and do much more things than you can imagine. It was published by Apple Company in April 2021.

The Airbags are supposed to be working with Bluetooth. They are powered by a small battery and the user can easily replace them as the upper cover is removable without putting much efforts. After turning on the find my App, you will be able to locate anything you have tagged using the device. This is the basic thing you should know and this article will clarify the matters in deep.

How it works

The Apple AirTags have been designed to attach them with your typical accessories such as backpacks, luggage, and other items. As soon as you tag them with the AirTags, your phone will be able to locate them. On your display, there will be a signal related to their actual position. For example, if your tagged backpack is on your south, there will be a message saying the backpack to be on your South along with the accurate distance. The airbags have been designed combining visual, haptic, and audio feedback to enable an awesome service to you.

What does Apple think about AirTags?

Kann Drance, Apple’s vice president of worldwide iPhone Product Marketing released a note stating the importance of Apple AirTags. We’re excited to bring this incredible new capability to iPhone users with the introduction of AirTag, leveraging the vast Find My network, to help them keep track of and find the important items in their lives,” 

As the vice president had stated, the Airtags will be working with Apple iPhone and the purpose of having the Airtags with you is to save you valuable time. Apple had once noted that a person spends at least 10 minutes in their lives searching for something. It is a common thing for anyone even if he / she is doing a great job with maintaining the regularity.

Another thought the vice president had stated was regarding the Apple ecosystem. “Apple products are considered to be electronic devices which means we are doing our best to bring the best products to our customers. But, we admit that there need to be smarter things without attaching to electronic. This is the first step we have taken on that journey,” said Kaiann.

Do Apple Airtags have dust protection?

Apple Airtags have not only dust resistance but the water resistance. You can place an airbag on your vehicle or any surface where there is enough dirt.

Can I put Apple Airtags in my swimwear?

Yes. Since it has the protection over the water through IP67 rating, you will be able to swim with it. But, you must remember that the deep swimming is something you have to consider as teh 50M below diving is not recommend by Apple.

How it looks

The airbags have been created using stainless steel which means you don’t have to think about the rust and other problems. When it comes to water and dust resistance, it has got an IP67 rating which provides you the protection from water and dust. It is considered as light weight product which can be considered to be zero. The device is powered using a battery and the built-in speaker that plays sounds are the weight of the device. When you want to locate a device that has been tagged, you will get the support from both your iPhone and the Apple Airtags themselves.

Is it heavier?

The average weight of an Apple Airtag is 0.39 ounces (11 grams) which is less than 15g. You don’t feel it as a burden as the first thing. Secondly, you can place it in any place. If you can carry a smartphone which may weigh more than 200g, then the Apple Airtags will be nothing. 

Where can I keep it?

You can literally keep it any place where there is enough space to place a button. Your luggage, bags, keys, bags, wallet, and even a place can be used to be tagged by the Apple Airbags. Although you don’t get a pin on it, you will be able to find several key tags and other accessories introduced by third party vendors.

Installation of the Apple AirTags?

The installation of the AirTags is as simple as installing Airpods. All you have to do is to take your AirTags near the Apple iPhone and the rest will be completed by your Apple iPhone. You get to rename the AirTags and what you need to do is to put a name that attaches with the device or the item you want tagged. For example, if you want to tag your keys, you may use “keys” as the title. Apple has sensed that Apple company has put the end to end encryption for the location data and that will not be accessible by neither third party apps nor Apple company itself.

As soon as an AirTag has been placed on an item, you can find them on the new items. You are free to do the remaining. You may find new items on Find My‌ app as well. There is just one necessary to have accomplished when locating one of your tagged devices or items, having both the Apple Airtags and iPhone in the same Bluetooth range. If you are in it, you will be able to either play a tone or ask Siri to find your item. Siri has been programmed to identify the AirTags sing your voice commands It means, if you have renamed the airtag as your luggage, you will be able to float it by saying “Siri, find my luggage”. The display of your iPhone will indicate the location of your tagged item as well.

The technology of Apple AirTags

The “Precision Finding” is what apple has insisted trough the production. Each chip consists of a chip called U1 chip which has been designed for Airtagging. According to Apple Company’s official news, they have taken more than 04 years to conclude their researching and patenting of the product. Although there are plenty of products in the market for tagging, the Apple AirTags are crucial as the used technology for the device is Ultra Wideband technology. 

The determination of the perfect location of the tagged equipment or the item is more accurate along with the particular technology. Although the distance and the direction are the thing that you may find more accurate, the vertical height will not be counted. Simple, if you are a person who lives in a house with two flowers, you may struggle to find the device with the 100% accuracy.

How longer do the Apple Airtags give you signals?

According to Apple company, the Apple Airtags have been designed to work in a 30ft range.

When minding the sensing of the particular process, the camera, ARKit, accelerometer, and gyroscope will be used by the Apple iPhone for the process. More importantly, you will be given9 various sound aids by the Apple Airbags. Also, that will be a combination of a combination of sound, haptics, and visual assistance.

Although an owner loses an Airtag due to theft or not being in the range, you can simply track it using the lost mode. After you marked the airtag as “Lost”, you will be notified as soon as your iPhone and the Airtag are in range. Even if you have dropped one of your Apple AirTags somewhere, the finder gets the ability to use its owner. Another iPhone, NFC reader, or a similar technology can detect its real owner using the Apple website and then hand over to its real owner. You must have provided that earlier as well.

How do the Apple Airtags discourage unwanted stuff?

If you are taking an Airtag that doesn’t belong to you, your iPhone will track it and send you notifications regarding that. Also, if you ignore those messages, the airbag will start to play a sound and make you feel. After finding the tag, you will be able to send it to the real owner if he has included his personal information in it.

Can I track my Air Tag when it is not in my range?

As soon as your airbag goes out of the range, you will not ebb able to track it. What you can do is to engrave your personal information I it so a finder may return your tag along with its attachment. If you can remember the place where you left it, you can get to nearby positions and see if there is any signal from the airbag.

Are Apple Airtags worthy?

According to most of the Apple Airtags users, the tags are worthy to the price you have to pay. The most important thing is that you don’t get to enjoy such small but smart tools from any other tag or NFC tagging manufacturer. Along with the patenting, Apple has got a higher worth than it seems.

Conclusion: Do you know Apple AirTags? It is on

This article has explained everything you must know about Apple Airbags. We have been using this product for a reasonable time and collected the mentioned facts after testing. Also, we referred to online sources to find facts and information as well. 

If you have a question regarding the product, just let us know and we will reply soon. As soon as Apple company releases the upgraded versions of the same product, we will bring them too.

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