Apple Company Last twenty years

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The last two decades of Apple Company is a must know period for an Apple fan. This content will explain Apple Last two decades highlights.

Several milestones as well as memories are in the hands of Apple company. When coming to the peakest period of the Apple company’s great time, last twenty years are golden. The death of Steve Jobs was a crucial incident in Apple Last two decades. Although the Steve Jobs firing was a costly one for the Apple company, his death was more expensive than any other thing. Not only the setbacks and fallbacks, but the victories and cheering moments are also available in the last two decades. This content will explain the Apple Last two decades as you should know of those things as an Apple Fan.

macOS X

macOS was one of the revolutionary intangible thing introduced by Apple. The macOS, known as macOS x was introduced in 2001. Apple company intended to reach a higher volume of customers through this step. Along with new features, Apple company could find more cuts0mers under their products. The reliability, strength, ability to perform well, and the efficient us of the computer memory were the key feature of this operating system. The most important feature of this OS was being free. It means, users could enjoy this awesome piece of embracement without any charge.

Apple users could easily use this OS for their old apps a swell. When coming to the additional features of Apple macOS X, backward compatibility was crucial. Apple issues could easily install the latest macOS on their computers. The user interface was a friendlier one than any macOS version. It came with aquatic graphics that could depict the advancement of the Apple company. Since Microsoft 98 and millennium Edition like OS versions had come into the users’ hands, this step was a crucial one.


In the same year, 2001, Apple introduced the portable music player, iPod. The player was capable of performing incredible things. It had the ability to keep more than 1000 songs as its 5GB gigantic memory was a major benefit for the users. When it comes to the “I” letter prior to the Pod, it has been meant for the internet connectivity. The internet connectivity enabled users to do more things. The Ram memory granted for the iPod was 32Mb along with 90Mhz processor speed.  The quality of the mp3 files that could be played on the iPod was 164Kbps which was also higher.

Steve Jobs was a vital thing to happen to Apple company. The invention and delivery of Apple iPd to Customers was one of his monumental works. Steve Jobs had said that the iPod had been able to raise the income of the company by 76% which was the highest by an individual product. When coming to the other product in the same batch, Apple iPod touch, iPod mini, and Apple iPod Shuffle could have been more advanced if they were continued. But, the production of other products made the company busy all the time.

According to the Apple Last two decades stats, Apple company had been able to earn more than $290 million from Apple products.

ITunes store

Apple iTunes store was another big step put by Apple company. It was launched in 2003. This product was a different one as Apple company was focusing on software and the hardware. As an idea of Steve Jobs, the iTunes website was supposed to provide income for the company for the rest of the time. Most of the people had the though that this would be an unsuccessful project launched by apple. Making those things a large lie, more than 2 million downloads had been recorded for this product. More importantly, people had put the trust on the company rather than the permanent storages on their devices.

It took about a year of records the 200 millions song to be sold on the platform. When coming to the 300th million milestone, it had taken another year to record that. The mastermind behind this step was Steve Job who had spent few years in the Apple company as the CEO. 2006 was a crucial year for not only Apple iTunes but for the Apple company as the billionth song was sold on this day. It is important to identify that the increased numbers don’t mean the increased people’s desire but the company’s effort to move into various countries. At present, the Apple users have downloaded more than 50 billion songs on iTunes. Also, if I said that iTunes has been moved into more than 160 countries around the world.

Intel Corporation

The Intel collaboration was a vital move in the Apple Last two decades. In 2005, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs announced that he is ready to take on the world along with the new Intel computers that come with Apple software. Since Macintosh hardware were compatible with the Apple software only, this was extremely good news for the fans as it is going to be a new experience. When coming to the strategy, specialists state that Steve Jobs had his own plans to come up with answers. For example, x86 architecture, hardware acceleration, dedication to Apple OS, and there had been more things in Steve’s mind.

Steve Jobs revealed that he was conducting some researches and testing on the Intel computers to introduce new computers. Not only that, Apple company came in to the play along with iMac and iMac pro computers that contained Apple Oss along with the Intel Hardware. 

At the same time, Intel Core Duo processor was being popular among people who were willing to experience the speedy Oss. Since Microsoft and Other Open Source Oss were in the contest, this was still setback for the apple company. But, making all those things a lie, Apple company could stay a step ahead due to their upcoming computers. More importantly, this was just the beginning for the Apple company as iPhone and more Apple computers were remaining on a queue.

Apple Inc.

In 2007, Apple CEO, Steve Jobs announced that they are about to change their name and make it shortened into Apple Inc. Jobs explained that Apple computers are not the significant work anymore as they are now professionals in Apple TV, Apple iPods, and various entertaining accessories. This was great news for Apple users as they were looking for a change for more than three decades to enjoy more things than just computers. According to analysts sand Apple specialists, this was the first implication of sending revolutionary products into the market. 

Since iPhone and iOS revolution were about to happen, the change of the Apple name was a vital factor.  Along with the upcoming package, Apple Inc. had given visual voicemail, web browsing, and enhanced internet experience with Apple branding.

iOS, iPhone and iPad

Apple iPhone was the device that Apple Inc. sent t world stating that Apple company is no longer Apple company but Apple Inc. Although Apple was a popular branding among people that had a reputation for creating computers, iPhone was what made them closer. iPhone was introduced in 2007 without 3G. Apple iPhone came along with the 3G, an advanced internet connectivity. It took cyclic three years to come the evolutionary products completion. 

Apple Inc. manufactured the Apple iPhone 3GS version in 2009 with awesome features. Enhanced memory was the main feature to come along with that phone. When coming to the Operating System,, iOS, it was something the world had not seen. The behavior of the Operating System was closer to the human user unlike anything they had ever seen. In a time when people were dreaming and assuming things regarding an operating system that can work with the touch navigation, iPhone made a real change.

The 4th version of Apple iPhone came to the human use in 2010. Since the branding had started growing in human minds, Apple company opened their outlets and branches in Asian countries in this time. Multi touch feature, enhanced memory availability, smooth operating, and lots of features had already been introduced at this time.

The introduction of Apple iPad happened at this time. People had been receiving something bigger than a typical phone. Since there were different types of display sizes already in the market, Apple company had to get into the marketing strategies. As a result of that, Apple company announced Apple iPad in 2010. In the same time, Apple Inc. stated that iOS of iPhones can work with the iPad and users have the ability to integrate all their devices. Since Apple Tv, Apple iPod, and lots of devices had been sent to the market, Apple customers had the understanding of the interaction very well.

Apple company had the fear that iPad would be something setback for the company as the network was not available while the screen size was twice bigger than the iPhone. That didn’t happen as the iPad could grab the attention of every Apple fan in the world along with the increased sales more than the iMac or MacBooks.

Microsoft Overcoming In 2010

Microsoft had been the company which was responsible for keeping the competition with Apple Inc. during Apple Company Last twenty years. The setbacks, overcoming, competition, increased sales, and lots of things were ahead of Apple company thanks to Microsoft. 2010 was a crucial year for Apple company as they could go overpass Microsoft company for the first time. Although lots of CEOs were trying to stay ahead of Microsoft, the technology, marketing strategy, and many favors had gone for them. Along with the failed products like Vista, Apple could do this as well. Apple Inc. had recorded $6 billion net worth in the last quarter of 2010 while Microsoft had recorded just $3.6 net worth in the same period.

The Guardian had reported, “ Apple company was famous for producing delicious products for people. The product they create can be touched and felt. Even if the users want to enjoy, that will be a possibility. When it comes to the Microsoft company, what they do now is not magic for anyone. Since software is an outdated concept and there are lots of new words such as Tablets, Smart TVs, iPads, and touch phones, people will keep sticking with companies like Apple”.

Steve job’s Stepping Down

According to most of the people, it was Steve jobs who had planned and implemented the strategies that Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple Inc. is currently implementing.  Like the way opponents had desired, stepping out of Apple buy Steve Jobs didn’t go in favor of them. Even the death was just a thing for the success of the company. Since the product line had been planned already, the Apple Watch came into the market in the same period when Jobs stepped down from his post.

iPad second version and the fourth-generation iPod came into the market in 2011.  Camera, face Tim and Photo Booth had came for the iPad as inbuilt features. Other than that, two cameras had been set on the iPad a front camera and a rear camera. In 2012, Tim Cook was appointed as the CEO of Apple Inc. he insisted that the Apple company needed something new to collaborate hardware and software. He foresighted that the company may reach a collapse if the software doesn’t get more updates as well as hardware versions for the same device. Although it seemed that this was Tim Cooks voice, it was Steve Jobs vision towards a better future.

One of the notable thing for the Apple company happened after 2012 was the introduction of Apple iOS 7. It had delivered Siri along with a new face and Maps in an advanced mode. The introduced iOS 07 came with the Apple iPhone 5 which had passed the 3.5 inch display. On the way to the Apple iPhone with larger displays, this was a marginal goal. Following the same trend, Apple Inc. went for larger-screened pads as well. More importantly,  9.7 inch iPads were introduced for the Apple users as a result of that.

New  Going

Apple company got the idea of taking on new businesses. Since the company was looking for the opportunities with new tech stuff, they purchased stable companies that had a potential. Apple started acquiring new companies as result of that. PrimeSense was the first one to go in the list. As one of the companies acquired in the Apple Company Last twenty years, April wanted to introduce new stuff to the world along with the decisions. When it comes to the next companies, beats electronics and Betas music for a better future in the Music industry. According to the analysts, Apple was trying to give a better music experience to the users which didn’t work as planned.

Apple Watch

Apple watch was announced by Apple company in 2014. Although it was in their plans from the beginning of the decade, Apple didn’t have the financial freedom to implement the thought. When it comes to the importance of this product, Apple watch was the first product line started after the departure of Jobs. Without the experienced CEO, Tim Cook took three years to keep planning this product. However, it didn’t have impressive features as much as the Apple customers wanted. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and primary apps such as Music, Apple Tv remote control, small tracking details and a very few. It was clearly visible that Apple Company had lost the favor of finding the necessity of people. The watch was released in 2015 when apple was focusing on Apple iPhone 6 and few more steps. Nether the Apple watch was a failure nor a positive one from the customer reviews.

Another thing to identify in the edge of the Apple Company Last twenty years was the focus to introduce more product under the same product. For example, Apple wanted to keep their strength as a group as it seemed. For example, Apple iPhone 6 was introduced in several versions, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and this spread into iPad as well. Things didn’t come with lots of variations except the announcement and the introduction of Apple TV.

Apple iPhone 7 was an impressive product with lots of hardware acceleration. When coming to the most embracing feature, Apple iPhone camera had come in great shape. Also, the storage capabilities were among with features that could grab the attention of the users.

More OS updates

It was visible that Apple company had been giving their priorities for the OS during 2017. WatchOS, macOS, tvOS, and iOS to be introduced with the updates. They were lack of bugs and gave a smooth experience for the users. When it comes to the devices, there was nothing much to talk about. Apple X and later products didn’t come with much of changes except the improved camera and the expanded memory. More importantly, increasing the number of cameras in the iPhone was criticized by analyst as it was not what expected by Apple lovers. iPhone 11 came with three cameras which was the first iPhone to contain three cameras on the back.


  • How much time has passed since the establishment of Apple Company?
  • According to the legal history, the company was established in 1976, which means the company has completed 45 years since the establishment. Although the key element of the company, Steve Jobs has been fired, stepped down as CEO, and died, the company is still growing.
  • Has Tim Cook Been A Greta Leader?
  • Yes, he has been a great leader. During the Apple Company Last twenty years, Two CEOs have lead the company, Steve Jobs and Tim Cook. Tim Cook was brought and rsaide by Steve Jobs for the next CEO post which makes him the better person for this post.
  • What types of product will there be in the Apple company for Apple Users?
  • Indeed, the company is trying lots of things. Apple car, latest Airpod model, Apple Glass, ad AR and VR patents say something. Although there has not been much of hearings from the official news, Apple company is popular for keeping things private.
  • What is the most crucial incident in Apple Company Last twenty years?
  • Lots of incidents have happened in Apple Company Last twenty years such as the iPhone, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and unveiling events. When coming to the most crucial incident, the stepping down of Steve Jobs as the Apple CEO was the most important one.
  • When will Tim Cook step down as CEO?
  • There is not any official news of either firing or stepping down as CEO of Tim Cook.

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