Does The Mcdonald’s takes the apple pay

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We always hope to make a healthful, delicious, and price-friendly diet. Mcdonald’s is give a chance for all over the world’s people. But we have to pay in cash or credit card or debit card. However, McDonald’s is changing according to the modern world.

Most smartphone users like to use the apple iPhone. Apple introduced the apple pay app to users. It has more benefits for users like safety, ease of life, and sanitary life like these. Therefore McDonald’s also introduced to use of a digital wallet.

Do you know, does McDonald’s takes apple pay?

Yes. Mcdonald’s has pay and payments from mobile wallets option in all locations. You can pay counter side or drive-thru via the mobile wallet.

Do you know, what is apple pay?

Apple pay is a mobile wallet that is using NFC technology. After entering your credit card data into your digital wallet, you can pay via this apple pay.

In this digital wallet, your phone usually sends data to the credit card terminal. After that, the credit card terminal conveys with your financial institution. Then they can verify your available balance in your financial institution. After verifying your balance your financial institution can take the money out of your account and it transferred to the merchant’s bank account. However, the credit card terminal receives only one type of mobile wallet like apple pay, Samsung pay, or google pay.

Can we get a refund through apple pay?

Sometimes your thoughts can be changed. Therefore, you should cancel your order. However, you have a doubt that can be refunded. Yes. It can be refunded on your apple pay like any other payment method. But it is not like cash. You can see your refunded money after a few days on your balance.

However, you should take McDonald’s authorization to refund it. But they will give authorization only for their faults. Sometimes your apple pay can be miss used, by anyone. If so you should contact your financial institution and be informed about that. However, you should keep your phone protected and keep the best security option for your phone.  

Do you know how to use your apple pay at McDonald’s?

You should add your credit or debit card to the apple pay app

First, you should open the application on your smartphone

Then you should enter the card details by tacking the photo by phone camera or manually.

You should enter the expiration date of the credit card.

If you want to add multiple cards to the mobile wallet, you can add them.

You should open the apple pay app for payment.

Unlock your smartphone by using fingerprint or facial recognition or pass ward.

Then you should open the apple app.

you should bring your phone close to the credit card terminal

Some technologies work within two or four feet. Therefore, you should keep your phone two inches away from the terminal.

you should ensure your connection.

If the credit card terminal was accept the payment, it is indicated in the green light.

You should finalize the payment

You should answer some questions in the credit card terminal and confirm your identification by signature or PIN.

You should keep your digital wallet is secure

If you use a mobile wallet, you should keep it secure. most bank does not refund you, because the user should pass multiple processes to complete their payments.

You should limit the number of people, who can enter your digital wallet.

Some peoples allow using their digital wallet with their close friends. But it can be a path for hacking your digital wallet. Therefore, you should secure your wallet well.

You should use the best phone protection.

When you using a smart phone, you should use the best security cord for it such as facial; recognize or fingerprint or pattern, or PIN. If you use the best protection, your digital wallet is secure.

Do you know about the benefits of using a digital wallet?

It provides safety to your money

When we are paying by using a mobile wallet, it does not give our credit card information. It gives only encrypted data with a cord for your transaction. Therefore, your found is secure and can’t hack anyone.

It provides good sanitation for your health.

You know, we pass some period with the health pandemic. If so we should keep our sanitation well. When we use a credit card or cash, it disturbed our hand sanitation. Therefore, this mobile wallet is helped for us protect our hand sanitation.

It is very easy to use

Most people have multiple credit cards. Physical card using is not easy. Because it can be missing. The mobile wallet is giving the best answer for it. You don’t want to use a physical credit card, because you can enter your credit card into your mobile wallet.

How do you order food at McDonald’s

You can order the food in mc Donald’s store. In the store, you can take fresh food without any trouble. Not only that, it is relaxing and enjoy for you.

If you don’t like to spend time in the store, you can buy drive-thru by using a credit card terminal. They provide the best facilities for it.

What is the trouble, when you use a mobile wallet?

  • You should select the correct card
  • If you have multiple card users you should select the correct card.
  • Use the apple pay app.
  • Select the correct card.
  • Restart your phone.

If you have any issues, when you use the mobile wallet, you should restart your phone. After that, you should re-start your app.

You should re-enter your card details.

If the terminal does not accept your payment, you should delete your information and reenter your payment details. But you should remember to recheck your information before submitting.

You should contact a financial institution

If you can’t solve the trouble you should contact a financial institution.

The credit card terminal is broken, what are you doing?

  • You should inform the employee about the broken credit card terminal. The employee is giving you another credit card terminal to you.
  • Mc Donal has technical specialists. You can call them when a terminal goes breaks down.
  • The employee can call the service company if necessary.
  • If the entire system breaks down they call emergency repairs.


We have explained everything you must know at McDonalds as an Apple pay user. If you have issues unsolved. Please let us know. 

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