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How to Free up Space on Apple Watch?

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Available storage might not be an issue for you soon after you purchased an Apple watch. But along the way, after specific tasks, additional files, and regular updates, you are bound to face storage issues. You will be punched with an error message saying that you cannot install the latest updates for the watchOS ( If you are wondering how to free up space on Apple Watch, this article will explain exactly that, and we are confident that you have landed on the right webpage. Let’s start the article without further ado. 

Why you need more space for Apple Watch?

There are several reasons why your Apple Watch should have free space.

For Updates

One of the impressive things associated with the Apple devices is regular updates. If you don’t have enough space on the Apple Watch, the device will not install the updates appropriately. Although the available space on the apple watchOS is more than the size of the update, you will have to leave more space for the installation.

To get a smooth watchOS

Having more free space on the storage helps the Apple Watch to use them for the OS. For example, if you have engaged in hard work such as Sleep Mode, the device will expand its memory into storage. When there is not enough space on the storage, the watchOS will keep struggling to facilitate the task.

To add more music

Your Apple Watch is going to be your only companion at specific times of the day. Therefore, you will need to add more music files to your Apple Watch to bring a difference to your lifestyle. For instance, exercising will be boring work when there is no music around, and the Apple Watch can come to your rescue in such a situation. Other than that, podcasts, audio stories, and special audios can be some of the content that you need to add to your device, so you need to have adequate storage on your Watch as much as possible.

More Apps

The more apps you have on your apple device, the more it will be a helpful device. Since there is specific and limited storage allocated for your device, you will have to free up the Watch storage to install new apps.

These are some of the standard requirements, and your case might be different from these. Let’s see how to free up space on the Apple Watch.

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How to free up Space on The Apple Watch H2

Following the below-mentioned steps will help you get more free space on your Apple Watch. 

Delete Your Music Files

The easiest way to free the space is by deleting the music files. No wonder there are certain songs on your device that you can delete without a second thought. First, you should open the watch app using the iPhone. After that, you should tap on music in the My Watch. Here you will find playlists and soundtracks in the app, which you can easily erase.

Removing Podcasts

Deleting the podcast sessions is also an excellent way to free up space on Apple Watch. All you have to do is go to My Watch like you previously did and then remove the downloaded files. If you are a bit strict on the available storage, you will have to uncheck the Auto-Adding setting on the podcast app as well.

Deleting health data on the Watch

It is typical to grow your health data on the Apple Watch. Most Apple Watches are in use as the primary device to collect health-related data among health-conscious people. If you are wondering how to free up space on the Apple watch, you will be able to empty the outdated logs and data about your health. 

You should open the health app and then locate the Apple Watch as the source. Then, scroll down to the place where the “Delete All Data from (Your Watch)” is labeled. After hitting delete, restart the app again and investigate the data; they should be all gone.

Deleting Apps

Deleting apps is one of the obvious options you have to bring back more space on your device. There are two types of apps on an Apple Watch; first-party apps and second-party apps. Most of these apps can erase from the device, and it’s guaranteed that you will be able to free a considerable amount of space. Also, there is nothing to worry about deleting these apps as you can always download them from the App store.

Some other things that can make a difference

Deleting up your messages received by the Apple Watch is another thing that you can do. If you have been using the Apple device for a long time, you will have a considerable amount of data related to messages.

Removal of your photos is also a good solution to how to free up space on an apple watch. Since the Apple watch is syncing with the iPhone, there will be more photos than you know. You may simply remove them to free up a considerable amount of data.


If you have read the article from start to this point, you would realize that answering how to free up space on Apple Watch is not a difficult one. These are the steps you would use on most modern-day devices to free the memory. Anyway, we hope our article has helped you with your problem, and if you find doubt spots in the article, please free to contact us by commenting below. Thanks and have a great day!

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