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Specific Things Siri Can’t Do Yet

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Although Apple Siri is one of the best Virtual assistants, there are things that he can not do. Here are 10 things Siri can’t do yet.

Have you been thinking that Siri is capable of doing everything for you. Of course, not yet. Siri has got lots of things to learn. Among the things Siri can’t do yet, there are simplest things that you have never thought of. The most important thing is that you might have been thinking that the your iPhone or the Apple device is not working due to an error. Have a look at these things if you found your iPhone was malfunctioning due to them. If you can find, it means that it is neither a fault with your phone nor Sir as Apple company ha failed to introduce them for Siri yet.

Health Awareness

The health has been a concern of people over the last few decades. When it comes to the daily schedules of people, they have happened to sacrifice their valuable time for business tasks. When they have to spend time on exercises, it has been difficult to find time to read the values. That is when Siri like virtual assistants get the ability to read the essential stats for people. 

Although mots of virtual assistant shave the ability to read the stats of daily schedules and such important sport activities. As one of the things Siri can’t do yet, it has been unable to provide such information through Siri. Although you get to hear the heart rate, active days of the last month, calories burnt, and similar information through Apple Watch, you will not be able to use an iPhone device to have that done. The most important thing is that the device doesn’t have the ability to say the number of steps you have taken on the particular daily.

  • Can Siri say how much time you have spent on Apple devise?
  • Although you can get the information on how much time you have been spending on the devices through reading by yourself, Siri is not capable of reading them for you. However, you will be able to read them using the latest Apple watch. As one of the things Siri can’t do yet, you will have to expect them form a future update of Siri.
  • Can Siri help you with a workout schedule?
  • Yes, Siri can create a new workout schedule for you and he will be monitoring the stats. Along with our any of the Apple devices, you will le  able  to do that.

Siri Cant Stop An Alarm That Has Gone Off

One of the thing that you can be sent nuts is the alarm. Do you know that your alarm can not be turned off by Siri. If yes, you must have a hard day. Of course it is one of the things Siri can’t do yet. Although it has passed more than a decade since Siri’s perfection, you will note  able  to turn off the alarm. 

Simply, what Apple company had done to avoid this disadvantage was a simple thing. According to viral news that is going on Alarming issue, it is a thing that Apple would never find as an issue. Since a lazy man can keep yelling to turn off the alarm and ruin his day, Apple company has not included in Sri’s capabilities. The most important thing to know is that unlike Apple Siri, Google’s assistant and Amazon Alexa virtual assistants have been able to perform this like from the very beginning.

  • Can Siri show you alarms?
  • Yes sir can show out the alarms that have been set by you. Although you cannot turn off a ringing alarm, you can edit and turn off the alarm in the view mode.
  • Can I turn off the alarm of my iPhone remotely?
  • Yes. You can turn off the iPhone’s alarm remotely as a sure thing. But, you will have to follow the Lost Phone Tool if you have iOS 12 or less version in it. If you want to turn off the alarm of an iPhone, that will require another Apple device as well.

Siri Is Not A Conversational Person

It has passed lots of years and  Apple company has been unable to produce a Siri who is talkative and cane be used to time spending. Of course it is among the things Siri can’t do yet, to be friendlier with you.  If you have referred to Google assistant at least once in your life time, you must know how talkative she is. She will ask if you have a girlfriend/boyfriend, whether you love reading, your favorite novel, and thousands of things. 

Among other virtual assistants, what Google assistant is trying to do is to sick with you and be the friendliest person. When it comes to Apple Siri, Apple company has not even tried to develop a friendly Siri. According to Apple users, Siri is almost a robot without its cool feeling features. As Apple company sees, Siri has been deigned to avoid the time wasting. Also, Siri is among the most effective and productive Virtual Assistants in the world as well. Data harvesting is not going to be included in the Siri’s agenda, which means marketing, security risks, and OS flooding will not be experienced by the users.

  • Can you continue a conversation with Siri longer?
  • Yes. You will have to ask the questions according to a special type. It means, that you will have to keep asking questions to keep Siri busy if you want to keep Siri with you.
  • How can I keep Siri without going to sleep mode?
  • There are two ways that you can use to keep Siri with you without sending to sleep mode. The first one is to ask questions regularly. You will have to ask question after question for that. The next thing is to go to Siri’s settings and extended the sleep timer in settings.

The Effective Use of RAM

As you know, Apple iOS or any other operating system is one of the most effective operating systems in the world. They can manage the available respires although they are less than any other hardware combination that comes as a smart device. For example, Apple’s latest iPhone, Apple iPhone 13 has not been able to even reach the latest Samsung Galaxy note smart device with its RAM. When it comes to the performance, it is considered as one of the fastest devices in many ways. 

Although the operating system is a thing that Apple can be proud of, the Siri’s operating has not been a smooth thing. According to most of the Apple complaints regarding malfunction, the root cause has been Siri. Since Siri consumes too much of RAM and storage due to the frequent internet access, there have been constant issues with Siri. Although you have not been familiar with these kinds of scenario, you will have to experience as a sure thing. Therefore, the inability to use the RAM effectively has been one of the things Siri can’t do yet.

  • Can my iPhone tolerate Siri in the device?
  • If you iPhone cant tolerate it, Apple company would not have sent it with your iPhone. The iOS or the operating system you are using with the Apple device is considered as one of the most efficient systems in eth world. Although the OS is perfect, Siri’s infrastructure has been the issue.
  • Will I have to change my phone as Siri is consuming lots of memory?
  • No, you don’t have to change your phone as Siri is consuming too much of RAM memory. Along with an update, it might use. If not, a RAM leaning or cache cleaning app will do that for sure.

Access into some apps in the iOS

One of the most devastating setbacks for the IOS and Siri’s integrity is the inability and the restrictions when launching apps. Although it is usual to have restrictions when having the access to newly installed apps, there are some apps in the iOS itself that doesn’t allow Siri to get inside. Although the privacy has been the main issue in those apps, Apple company has not tried much to get the access. Therefore that is among the things Siri can’t do yet at the beginning of 2022. 

Not only the privacy based apps but the entertainment apps also dot give the privilege to have the access. For example, if you want to send a message using Siri to a Whatsapp number, the app will not allow Siri to do that. Even if there are few apps that grant the access, the confirmation will be required as a verification.

  • Can Siri close an app?
  • Although some apps can be launched and have the access, Siri is not allowed to close any app. Soon after you open an app, it will be you who is responsible for closing. Although it is about a system app, you wont be able to do that.
  • Can Sri update apps when you command?
  • You will not be able to update an app using Siri at any time. You have to refer to the particular app you want to update and grant the permission to update it.
  • Can Siri close all apps and clear the RAM from unnecessary weights?
  • No. As you should know as an apple user, Siri has not been allowed to close any single app or all of the apps that are running in the background. More importantly, it is one of the things Siri can’t do yet.

Siri Has Got Problems With Emails As Well

Among the things Siri can’t do yet, you will not be allowed to delete email as the first thing. You might have wanted to keep going the write messaging system thanks to Siri which has been restricted by Apple for Siri. It is not necessary to say that other virtual assistants have been able to fix these privacy issues and provide a [prefect messaging experience for their users.   

Although you get to see your daily email, you are not allowed to view the emails form one specific person up to a certain period as well. Another issue that has related to email is that you are not allowed to download the images in it. Although you get to see them, you will have to touch the display when wanting to download them. Also, sharing, editing, and other tasks will come after that. 

If you were thinking about an emailing system that could manage all your tasks, you will have to wait for a while as it seems.

  • Can I forward an email using Siri?
  • Yes, you can. You can command Siri to forwarded the particular email message to someone after opening it. But, you have to makesuer that you have got the recipient correctly as Siri may hear you wrong sometimes. After assigning the receiver, you will be asked to confirm that.
  • Can Siri read emails for me?
  • Yes, Siri can read emails for you. All you have to do is to direct the right email and Siri will do the reading.


One of the most coming things Siri can’t do yet is the relativity of dates. Although it looks unfamiliar, other virtual assistants have the ability to do that. For example, if you wanted to know how old would have been John F. Kennedy if he lived, that could have been a possibility with Google Assistant. Although Google Assistant did not have the access to the specific services that count the dates, it has got the access to databases all across the internet. It means, Google has been able to provide the date related queries searched by the users. 

When coming to the Siri, he has not got such feature sin its capabilities. What it can deliver to you are the date, time, and other relevant things. Another thing that you are not given by Sir is the access to the importance of the day. As a goggle or any kind or virtual assistant user, you will be able to see the importance of the day. That is among the things Siri can’t do yet as well.

  • Can Siri say the top song of a year that you mention?
  • No, Siri is not capable of saying such information. What you have to do is to search internet. Rio do that, you have to wake up Siri and then ask to search the internet for the year and then launch the browser.
  • Can you read a chapter in Bible using Siri?
  • No. It is among the things Siri can’t do yet. If you want to do that, you will have to listen to YouTube or download an app that can do that for you.

Siri Will Be Sticking To Home And Work

You must know that Siri is the first Virtual assistant who started to remember your home and work maps. Without having an internet connection you could have had the access to such places. 

When it comes to some of other feature that you can simply expect from Siri, they are still things Siri can’t do yet. For example, if you want to see the map of your church, you will have to turn on the internet. the  most important thing is that you don’t have the ability to read the nearby information. For example if you want to see the restaurants near the church, that will be an impossible task without the internet. 

Not only that, the inability to predict the traffics that could be held on office time, predicting the best route back to home, ability to track flights, getting to know the route the user has been having and getting the flyover information are considered to be among the things Siri can’t do yet.

  • What is the easiest way to get back home from work using Siri?
  • First you must wake up Siri by saying Hey Siri and then ask Siri to show you the way back home. The amp will be opened and you will be guided to get home.

Information Related Other Tasks

The contact information is one of the essential things you need to refer using Siri. Although you get the ability to do lots of stuff using Sir such as calling, messaging, and editing the contacts in the contacts, there are some specific thing in the others that you can’t do with Siri. For example, creating a new contact, sharing your contact information with someone else, turning on the flashlight, show/hide the keyboard, opening a document, turning on the captions of videos are among the things Siri can’t do yet. 

The most important thing is that you are not allowed to do the simplest tasks using Siri. According to Apple Company, Siri has been designed to make things easy. The mentioned things Siri can’t do yet are not complex which means they will be fixed in future Siri updates.

  • How longer does Siri store information?
  • It is said that Siri stores user information for two years which means you have the ability to see what you have been doing back to two years. The user data will be downloaded to Apple servers and random numbers will be given to users which means the privacy will not be violated.
  • Does Siri record what he gets to hear from you?
  • No. Apple Company has insisted that they are not eavesdropping to what you say. What Apple Siri does is to listen to what you say and then act according to the guidance that has been given to Siri in programming. Since Apple devices memory is limited, it is a reliable explanation.
  • Can I stop Siri listening to me?
  • Yes. You can simply go to settings, Siri and search and the disable Hey Siri.

Conclusion : Specific Things Siri Can’t Do Yet

This article has explained 08 facts regarding the things Siri can’t do yet. If you are an apple lover or a fan, this article must have helped you. Even if you are a beginner with Apple you will have lots of things to remember. The most important thing to remember is that you can ask Apple Company to fix these little things and have a perfect Siri that can fulfill errors that have been mentioned as things Siri can’t do yet.

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