Important things to know about DoorDash

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DoorDash is an American company that operates an online food ordering system. Through this, you can easily order the food you want and this company works to deliver it to you. Through this article we will try to give you many details that you need to know about DoorDash. 


Basic information about DoorDash

Does DoorDash accept Apple Pay

DoorDash other payment methods

How to add a credit card to DoorDash

How to remove payment method on DoorDash

Change DoorDash payment method 

Basic information about DoorDash 

The headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, USA. It was first launched on January 12, 2013. The CEO is Tony Xu. It went public on the NYSE in December 2020. They trade under the symbol DASH. It is stated that by the year 2021, more than 6000 employees will be employed here. It was first started by Tony Xu, Andy Fang, Stanley Tany, Evan Mocre. 

In a very short time, it gained great popularity among food delivery and ordering services in the United States. It got a lot of positive feedback in a very short time.

You can create a free account on DoorDash and the delivery range is typically between $1.99 and $5.99. Also, there is a service fee between 10%-11% of the total of your order. With the $9.99 per month DoorDash membership, you get free delivery on orders over $12. 

DoorDash Food Delivery Method 

Below you can see step by step how to place a delivery order through the DoorDash app. 

1) Sign in or sign up to your account through the app. 

2) Then add your delivery address and touch the top of the screen. 

3) There you can see the promos available at that time and all the restaurants in your area. 

4) Add the items you want to the cart and click continue, when you are ready to checkout. 

5) Then you can choose your delivery time, payment method and tip placement. 

6) Then the order can be completed.

After you place your DoorDash delivery order, you can track your order through the app. 

Also, one of the best options available in DoorDash is group ordering. Group order allows you to add multiple people to a collective order. 

The question everyone has is whether the DoorDash app accepts Apple Pay. 

Does DoorDash accept Apple Pay? 

Yes. DoorDash Take Apple Pay as a payment method. However, they are not initially supporting it due to some technical issues. Currently, you can use Apple Pay through the DoorDash app and website.

How to use Apple Pay on DoorDash: 

1) Open the DoorDash App on your iPhone or iPad. 

2) Choose a restaurant where you want to order food. 

3) Select the food category you want in their menu. Choose the dishes you want. 

4) When you have selected what you want, click ‘Add to Order’. 

5) Keep adding dishes in your order list until it is filled. 

6) Then go to view cart. 

7) Use promo codes if available. 

8) Then check out the process. 

9) Check your delivery address and instructions. 

10) Add a dasher tip. 

11) Select Apple Pay as the payment method and complete the order. 

How to Add a credit card to DoorDash

1) Open your DoorDash App first. 

2) Tap the icon in the top left corner. 

3) If Android, tap ‘Payment method’. Tap ‘Payment’ on iOS. 

4) Click the arrow under Add Payment Method. 

5) Add your card number, CVC code, Expiration Date and Credit/Debit Card. 

6) Then tap on ‘add card’. 

How to remove Payment method on DoorDash 

You can do it very easily by the following steps. 

1) Open the app on your phone. 

2) Click on the profile icon there. 

3) Click ‘Payment’. 

4) Click on the payment method you want to remove. 

5) Click the trash icon next to that payment method.

Then a message will appear asking if you are sure. Click on ‘Yes, Delete Card’. 

Change payment method on DoorDash 

1) Open your DoorDash app. 

2) Click on its profile icon. 

3) Click on ‘Payment’ and click on the payment method you want to update. 

4) Make your changes and then click ‘Confirm’. 

Also, you can change the payment method when placing an order. Click on ‘Select Payment Method’ and make your changes.

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