How to create awesome movie trailers on your iPhone

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You can now quickly create the movie trailers you want from your Apple iPhone. We have introduced the iMovie app to you. We are going to give you detailed information about it through this article. 

Movie trailers easily give exciting glimpses and plot and tweets related to the movie to the audience. But when you go to create this, you have to face many different problems. Where to add text impact to the trailer, where to add music? Where to insert title card? There are things like that.

Also, taking essential parts of a long video and making a 2-minute video is more difficult than it seems. But you can do these things with trailer templates in iMovie. Here we show you how to make a professional looking trailer using iMovie on your iPhone. 

Let’s start a Movie Trailer project in 

iMovie iMovie is a native app pre-installed on the Apple iPhone itself. After launching iMovie, go to start new project. If you want to create a montage automatically with your iPhone, Magic Movie is the best. The Movie option is suitable for those who want to scratch everything from the videos on their phone. If you want to access movie trailers templates, it is best to go to Storyboard.

Then scroll down and go to Trailer. Then select the trailer template. Templates are completely different from style genres. Things like fairy tale, indie, romance and scary can be seen. Select the template you want and tap create. 

Add video clips to your trailer 

After you create your video project, you can add video clips to it. Tap the storyboard tab for it. You can see here that there are different types of empty boxes in the template. In each of these boxes, you can see labels with the video clip type and length that you can use.

Add a clip, select a box from it and select a video from your iPhone. Then tap the plus icon and the video clip will be added. Tap the box again to accurately specify the section of the video clip you want to use. Drag to the section you want and tap Done. Add clips to the boxes by repeating these steps until you have entered all the video clips you want. You can periodically review your trailer by tapping the play icon whenever you want. 

Let’s edit the title cards of your movie trailer

Title cards mostly include character names or very brief descriptions of the film’s plot of theme. The title cards are filled in the trailer template by default. But you can edit these as you want. Tap one of the pale blue strips above your video clips. Type the word you want and tap Done. To edit the type of text as well as to edit the logo style and credits, you will have to use the Outline tab. Then tap the edit file to change the information.

Let’s save and share your movie trailer 

If you have entered all the video clips and required text, now your trailer is complete. Tap Done in the top left corner to save it. Then tap the share icon. Next, choose Save video. Then the movie trailer will be saved in the photo app. You can also share the video among social media or family friends using the corresponding app on the share sheet of your iPhone. 

What is iMovie? 

iMovie is a free video editing app. This has been introduced by Apple company for iPhone, Mac and iPad. It includes many video effects like color correction and image stabilization. Also, it has been designed in such a way that it can be done easily even by those who are not in the habit of making and editing videos before.

iMovie was first released in 1999. But it was released as stable in 2022. iMovie has a large number of sound edits. It is also possible to edit voiceover and add music soundtracks. Also, you can remove background noise and boost audio level with this. 

There are many things like video color setting, crop and rotate of a video clip, stabilize shaky videos and add video transition in this app. Also, you can see a lot of multi-clip video effects. Among them, you can see things like the use of blue or green screen to replace background, split screen creation, picture-in-picture effect.

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