How to clear Spotify cache on Mac

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First let’s see what spotify cache is. Cache files are temporary data in applications that help you load your content quickly. Most of the time, in many apps, the cache data is deleted as soon as you exit the app. But it doesn’t come in some apps. When you listen or download songs on Spotify, the cache is stored on your device. If you keep listening to spotify all day long, this cache can be as high as GB. 

How to quickly clear spotify cache on Mac

CleanMyMac X’s system can clear the spotify cache without restarting your Mac. Not only can it do this quickly, but it can also delete a lot of other junk files. Meanwhile, you can also clear the cache files of other apps. It is like Music and Word. Here’s how to use it. 

Download CleanMyMac. Then open it. 

In the side bar, select system junk file and select clean. 

When it finishes searching, select Clean to get rid of junk. Or you can select Review Details and look at the files to be deleted and select the required ones.

Clear spotify cache manually 

Open Finder and click Go menu. 

Select Go to folder and enter the following path. /Library/Application Support/Spotify/PersistentCache/Storage If you can’t find that folder, here’s how to check where exactly the Spotify cache is stored: 

After that, open Spotify and click on the Spotify menu. 

Select Preferences there. 

Go to offline songs storage section and go to spotify stores cache. 

Go to that folder and empty it and remove the cache.

When you go back to spotify, the cache files will remain on your Mac. So you have to keep repeating the above process. If you don’t restart the Mac, you have to do it anyway. That’s why he says to restart your Mac once a week. It clears temporary files and caches on your Mac. 

How to reduce the size of Spotify cache 

You don’t need to do this manually all the time. According to the higher quality you set, a lot of data will be streamed and the size of the cache will also increase.

You can change the quality to the lower quality option for this. Then the cache size will be reduced. This will reduce the amount of data streaming in your internet connection. Therefore, if your internet connection is slow, it will speed it up. 

Also think about the songs you download. How many songs do you need to download? How often do you use spotify offline? 

Open spotify app. 

Go to spotify Menu. 

Choose preferences. 

Go to Music quality section.

Choose low or normal.

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