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Apple AirTags Features That You Must Know

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If you are a person who spends a life with lots of forgettable thing, then the best answer for you is Apple AirTags Features.

Forgetting things is not a good thing at all. According to research conducted by the University of California, it has been found that people forget a thing at least once a day. Even if you are the healthiest person with a tidy life, you may forget something or unable to locate it at least once a week. When it comes to those who are regularly categorized, forgetting or losing are higher than it seems. Apple has finally introduced their solution for such people and it is all about finding the lost things. Just like Apple promised in 2021, they have come up with a better solution, the Apple AirTags Features. This article will explain the features of Apple AirTags Features that you must know.

The more you reach, the hotter it will be

One of the Apple AirTags Features is you get the ability to locate the devices in many ways. Among those ways, the ability to track the item using the Ultra Wideband technology is crucial. What you have to do is to refer to the iPhone display, and it will show how long or to which direction you should have turned as well. For example, if you are standing on its 3 O’clock, the display will let you see that the item is on your 9 O’clock. 

The most impressive thing about the feature is you get to see when you are reaching. “Closer, closer, and now you are almost there” like guidance will be given to you. The length from your device to the Apple AirTags will be given with an accuracy of 99% by the wide ultra band technology.

Hundreds of Thousand People will help you to locate your devices

It is not always about forgetting or leaving things behind but locating by either you or someone else. According to stats, there are more than 900 Million active iPhones in the world. Even if you forget an item behind,  the 900 million users will be responsible for locating hat you have missed. This is how it works. When you leave something behind, the nearest person to your item or the tag will get to see that. 

The person’s Apple iPhone will keep tagging it and let the owner know that there is something that doesn’t belong to him / her. Also, if the user doesn’t mind that signal, the particular Apple AirTag will start to beep until a person finds it. After a person finds the tag that belong to you, he will be able to see who the owner is. But, makesure that you have included your basic information such as contacts in the Apple AirTags.

The Longer battery Life

According to Apple Company, the battery in the Airtag can be used up to a year. Without replacing, you can sue it minimum up to a year. Even after passing a year, you will be able to replace it by yourself. After buying a battery from an Apple store, you can remove the outer cover of the airtag and proceed to the replacement. That will be just a matter of couple of minutes. When you are running out of energy from the airtag, you will be sent a notification by the airtag and you can run with that message up to more couple of weeks maximum.


Among the Apple AirTags Features, the supportability is crucial. According to the Apple website, the Apple AirTags is supposed by Apple iPhone 11 onwards. You will be able to use Apple AirTags to iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Even if you are using an older version, you will enable to use the tags after updating your device to the latest version. Also, there are plenty of internet resources that help you to teach how to use Apple AirTags for other versions as well. However, you still cant use Air tagging for other Apple products such as Apple iPad.

Ping And Just Find it

Although the technology involves in a higher range, the users don’t have to do much regarding that. What you have to do is to ping and find your device. Apple has stated that a person who needs to find a lost thing is not in a proper state to specify and o though hindered of things. Therefore, it is essential to make things as much as simple. What you have to do is to ping the Apple AirTags on your devices, items, and things want tagged, and then locate it using the Find My App. It is that much simple.

If you are bothered to find your iPhone or the device where you have made the particular ping, you may conduct a Siri search on that as well. All you have to do is to ask “Hey Siri, Can you find my school bag?”. Then Siri will launch a sound from the Apple AirTag. The most important thing is the delivery of things. If you want to customize things as you want, all you have to do is to dig into deeper. the Even the simplest thing will be customizable as you want.

You can add an Emoji Too

The place from where you have to buy an airtag is an Apple store. You get the ability to use an emoji or a letter on the airtag without any further payment. That will be able to prevent future confusions as you have to work with more than dozens of tags that belong to you and your family members. Also, the emoji and the letter will be a beer way to look at the Apple product you have. If you are clever enough, you will be able to have a look at your life along with a fresh look. If you are interested in having more colors for your newly added AirTags, that will also be a possibility. What you have to do is to ask the Apple salesman in your area.

The privacy

The privacy protection is one of the most elegant Apple AirTags Features . An Airtag is a product that has been deigned to keep the privacy up to 100%. As a user there can be just couple of ways to expose your privacy such as losing the airtag or someone sealing your deice. When considering the first way, you don’t have to worry as the data belongs to you with the airtag is 2 end encrypted. 

It means, the decryption is up to Apple and they don’t conduct anything without your permission. When it comes to the second way, losing the airtag, an outsider doesn’t get the ability to see your information to details unless you want. Even after someone stole your airtag, what they can see is your contacts and basic information. If you haven’t added them onto the Airtag. The most important thing is that, AirTags being identified by other devices in the range. Although someone stole your item with the airtag on it, they will be able to see that.

The lost mode

If you have lost an airtag, you always don’t have to keep searching for that particular item as there is a feature known as Lost Mode. After turning on the Lost Mode, you can simply identify the airtag or the item as soon as you get in the range. You will receive a notification regarding the discovered item and all you have to do is to track the airtag.

When considering a moment when you have lost your item, you can simply mark it as lost. Then, you will be notified by another person who has discovered it. You will get a notification indicating from where the device was discovered and the contact details of the holder. The most important thing is that the discovered person doesn’t have to be an iPhone holder but anyone with NFC capability.

Easy Set up

The setting up is also among the Apple AirTags Features. What you have to do to set up or connect an airtag is to just close it to the Apple iPhone devices you have. After that, you will receive a notification stating that the iPhone has accepted the airtag. That is as simple as setting up your Airpods as well. You can easily add a name for the device that has been tagged by you. You will get the guidance from the very first moment onwards and it is all about reading the notifications you have got.

The Rough Usage

Do you know that your airtag has the IP67 rating? Of course you must know about that before buying that from the apple Sales store. You can have a rough usage for the airtag and have a lengthier usage period for the tag you use. According to the IP67 rating, you get the ability to take the airtag deep into 50M and keep in shallow water up to anytime you want. According to Apple marketing terms, you can tag your swimwear as well.

When it comes to the dust and other solid matter, you can easily place the airtag on your vehicle’s outside where the airtag gets to have a roughest time. No matter how much dirt it gets or how much rain it receives, the particular airtag will eb sending ist Bluetooth signal to you until a year passes. That is one of the most embracing Apple AirTags Features.

AR Technology is attached to this too

As one of the most benefited things to the future, you will be able to use the AirTags along with the AR technology. Although the Apple company is still conducting tests, they have added a bit of it. If you have an AR device in your home, you will be able to link it to find the airtag that you have used to tag. The most important thing is you get to see the particular tag on you AR glass. Although it is day or night, you will see it straight. As soon as Apple company sends their AR and VR glass to the market, you will enable to use it in a better way.

Conclusion : Apple AirTags Features

This article has explained Apple AirTags Features that you would like to enjoy from the airtags. We have been using it for 06 months and discovered the information we have included in this article. If you are an Apple fan, it is better to use the airtags yourself. But, the guidance we have given to you will be a basic navigation in the technology you have never experienced. As soon as we get to enjoy the latest facts and leaks about the upcoming Apple AirTags Features, we will update them too.

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